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Types and Unique Features of Russian Simulated Diamonds

Medha Godbole Apr 16, 2019
Wondering what are Russian simulated diamonds or do you want to know what is basically meant by simulated diamonds? Well then, read on to know about all the glitter and glow.
Diamonds are stones which are cut and polished to give them the appearance which we commonly see them to have. These are extracted from mines and then worked upon. But they are not always processed and produced in that way.
There are diamonds which are man-made and equally beautiful and they are called simulated diamonds.
Simulated diamonds are created in a laboratory, under conditions that have been artificially recreated by humans and regulated by them as well. These are so similar in appearance to the natural, mined gemstones, that it is almost impossible to distinguish between the two.
Basically, the sparkle, brilliance, and crystal clear properties of a natural or rather, a real diamond, is simulated in a laboratory, to form a simulated diamond. Majority of such diamonds are polycrystalline on a molecular level. They are also called Russian simulated diamonds. There are a number of types.

Big Daddy of Simulated Diamonds

Cubic zirconium is the most popular type and is one of the best lab created diamonds. Another name with which it is commonly referred to as, is Russian white diamond.
The name Russian comes from the fact that the simulant or the material needed to create the diamond was first refined in Russia. It is produced in a laboratory by melting natural zirconium oxide and yttrium together. On the diamond color scale, a cubic zirconia gets the maximum ranking. Moreover, it is crystal clear and flawless.
The most enchanting part about these diamonds is that they can be created in any color, a soft yellow too, which makes it look even more like a real one. Easy to recognize because of its weight, which is more than natural diamonds, cubic zirconia creates colors much like a prism and it shines more than the real one.

Jag with YAG

This is a crystalline synthetic gemstone which has a connection with natural garnet and can be produced in any color. This is a rare one as cubic zirconia has better simulations of beautiful diamond jewelry.

Moissanite Diamonds

Another popular and famous type, an owner's delight, and a jeweler's pride, moissanite is a rare natural material.
Touted as the finest, it is created in the lab because there is not enough of that mineral to create jewelry totally from it. These are colorless or mildly tinted and have an amazing sparkling brilliance.
These diamonds are priced around 30 percent or less as compared to the real diamonds, having the same size and cut. Even the highest quality simulated diamonds cost less than a real one.
But it should be remembered that these are different from synthetic diamonds. Russian Brilliants and Russian Stars are a couple of companies which produce such simulated diamonds and are very well-known.
So what are you waiting for? Put on your simulated diamonds and dazzle one and all!