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Round Eyeglass Frames

Avanika Mote Oct 23, 2018
Round eyeglass frames are back in the world of eye-wear and if you thought they are meant only for oldies, you are wrong. Read on to know more about round eyeglass frames.
The glasses you wear act like a doorway to the inner you. And today, wearing eyeglasses has become a fashion statement. When eyeglasses were initially developed, only the round eyeglass frames used to be available. There were no other alternatives and styles in the eyeglass frames and sunglasses back then.
There is something about the round frames that makes them favorites of the most important people in the world. Famous personalities like Ozzy Osbourne, Mahatma Gandhi, David Letterman and John Lennon used round eyeglass frames. These frames are characterized by their unique features like simplicity, honesty, thoughtfulness and intelligence.
Round eyeglass frames look authentic and other eyeglasses are made for eye care. These frames are available in many funky designs like dark tortoise, vintage black, gold rimless frames. Usually, they have nose pads, but ones with saddle bridge are also popular. Out of all these, plastic frames that became popular in early 20's, are hardest to find today.

Types of Round Eyeglass Frames

Based on the material, there are three types of frames - metal, titanium and plastic. Metal frames are very tough and can be used regularly by men and women. The only drawback of metal frames is that they are relatively heavier than plastic frames.
Titanium frames are super light in weight and are durable. Titanium frames are hypoallergenic too. This material has a modern look. Since, it is easy to color, it will always give your glasses a polished look! These frames are best suited for regular and active use. Most of the eyeglass frames today are made of titanium.
Plastic frames are the most resilient among all the other reading glass frames. They are the lightest of all and do not need much of a maintenance.

Top Brands and Price Range for Round Eyeglass Frames

The top eye wear brands that deal in round frames include Giorgio Armani, Yves Saint Laurent and Tommy Hilfiger. The prices depend on the size and the material used. A good quality round eyeglass frame will cost you around US $ 50 to US $ 100.
Designer labels like Armani and Gucci will be more than just expensive! One of the best designs ever made in the round eyeglass frames is the Lennon design, which was highly inspired by the legend himself - John Lennon!

Round Eyeglass Frames for Men

Choosing the right round framed eye glasses for men depends on their face type, skin and hair. Small round eyeglass frames will compliment a man having a small face. Similarly, skin type plays a role in choosing eye wear.
If the man is fair in complexion, the darker shades like black, brown would suit him. A man with tanned or dark complexion should opt for neutral frame colors like silver, golden and gray. It also depends on what kind of look do you want to carry.
If you are in a job that restricts to only formal clothing, you should opt for a titanium round eyeglass frame, since titanium is extremely lightweight and goes well with formal and modern look.
If you are the one who believes in classic look, golden colored frames are for you.
Men who love getting dressed in a retro avatar style should opt for plastic round shaped eyeglass frames from the 1960s. You can also accessorize your look with retro accessories like an antique gold watch.
Best color choices for men's plastic frames are onyx, tortoise, crystal blue and Havana. Most popular metal colors in round frames for men include, dark brown, gunmetal and yellow gold and antique taupe.

Round Eyeglass Frames for Women

Women do not have a very wide variety of choice in round eyeglasses but plastic frames are highly popular in their eyeglass frames. These frames offer different colors and styles like red cat glasses and animal print eye glass frames.
The big, round frames look really catty on women. They have been in fashion since 1950s and even today they make a huge fashion statement in the retro look in women. Top brands for women include Christian Dior and Boss.
Women can look for extra detailing in their eye wear like, small diamond studs, gold plating and other stones in their frames. This adds a tinge of femininity in the roundness of your frame, besides adding a bling!
With fashion icons like Sandra Bullock and Paris Hilton, plastic round eye glass frames have created a rage in women's fashion.
Your choice in eye wear reflects your originality. Round eyeglass frames are definitely the number one accessory in retro and vintage look. If you are into retro and classy look, round eyeglass frame is one investment that is sure to yield great returns!