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Everything a Shopper Would Want to Know About Ross Dress for Less

Ross Dress for Less
Ross Dress for Less is one of America's largest off-price retail chains. Here is an article for you to get more details about the Ross stores...
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
A chain of retail outlets, Ross Dress for Less, belongs to the Ross Stores, Inc., which is a chain of American off-price department stores. Until the start of the year 2010, the company ran about 953 Ross stores in 27 states of the United States and Guam Island. The first Ross department store was opened in San Bruno, California in the year 1957, by Adali Baer. The idea of Ross Stores quickly changed to the off-price department store during the year 1982.
Ross Stores mainly sell products of various clothing, footwear, jewelry, beauty products, furniture, bedding and housewares. They offer you about 20% to 70% less on merchandise than the regular department and specialty stores. This is the biggest USP of the Ross Dress for Less stores.
What does Ross Dress for Less Offer Shoppers
Ross Dress for Less is a great place for you if you are aiming on a shopping spree for your entire family. When you are at Ross, expect to get fashion clothing of various brands and famous fashion designers. You can find an exclusive clothing range for men, women and kids. All that you need to do is to determine your budget and select the perfect clothes for yourself. You can also find some attractive deals at the plus size clothing department at Ross Stores, that are quite phenomenal.
You can find products of numerous well-known brands like Gucci, Polo, Guess, Christian Dior S.A., Fiorucci, Cross Colours, Croc O' Shirt and many more. It is the same case with the Ross Dress for Less shoes and handbags. You can get various shoe brands like Nine West, Nike, Keds, Adidas, Reebok, Rockport and brands of bags like Liz Claiborne, Guess, Gucci, Nine West, Mundi, Harajuku Lovers, Roxy, LeSportsac, LoopNYC, Van Zeeland, XOXO, Ralph Lauren, Fossil, Polo, Baby Phat, etc. Many people complain that Ross Stores are cluttered and messy but most of the store customers are quite satisfied with the bargain shopping at the Ross.
Tricks to Shop at Ross Dress for Less
There are a few tricks to shop at this clothing store, some of which you can easily find on their website as well. Equipped with the tricks of how to shop at this off-price store, will guarantee you one hell of a shopping experience.
→ Retailers encourage shoppers to come in early during the day to shop for items, since shoppers get a little frantic when the end of the day rolls in. The best stuff is on display during the early hours of the store's opening time, so take advantage of the lesser crowds and easy browsing experience.
→ New stock comes in quite often during the week, so be sure to visit the store just as much. Don't keep anything aside or discard the thought of being spontaneous when buying an item you want, since Ross cannot guarantee that what you decide to keep it aside to buy on another day, it will be there when you return.
→ There are days when clearance sales are arranged for, so be the lookout for these big money-saving sprees. Look out for when these happen, and be sure to have yourself present early on the days when these are scheduled.
→ Shoppers are promised new stock every single time they visit Ross, simply because they know how to cater to all your needs and desires when it comes to taste, and variability.
You can also find some free coupons that you can use in order to avail yourself with fabulous deals, every time that you shop at Ross retail stores. All that you need to do is to find the codes for Ross Store coupons online and click on the code icons, which will automatically redirect you to the official website of Ross Stores. You can also sign up for free coupon alerts which are available online. Lastly, Ross Stores also has a special chain of clothing and furniture with the name "dd's Discounts", wherein 'dd' stands for - "deep discounts". While both Ross Stores and dd's Discounts are a part of the same company, both operate individually. They also provide an assortment of merchandise.
If you have any of the Ross Stores nearby, then my suggestion to you would be to go and visit the place yourself pronto. Whether you are a fan of the Ross Dress for Less or not, you surely won't be disappointed!