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Ripped Skinny Jeans

Everything You Must Know About Skinny Jeans Ripped to Perfection

The ripped fashion of skinny jeans is becoming very popular and you would see almost every second celebrity donning it with style. Read this Fashionhance article if you wish to follow the bandwagon.
Geeta Dhavale
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Skinny jeans is here to stay and it looks at its best when ripped to the perfection. Ripped jeans are one of the hottest fashion trends this season that you must try to get the most glamorous yet a little seductive look. A great pair of torn and distressed pair of jeans is sure to heat up the diva in you by making you look like a sizzling rock star. If coupled with right top and accessories it is sure to transform you from a lay chic to a sexy damsel.
Tips for Wearing it Right
Body Type
Though split skinny jeans for girls and boys are available in different varieties they are best to leave for skinny individuals. For people who are more on voluptuous side should refrain from wearing this style as it would only make them look fatter.
Rip Styles
You must also decide the amount of distressing you desire. For a casual look, you can go for the one with minimum slashed ripping and on the other hand, if you desire an ultra sexy look for a special event or occasion then maximum ripping may be ideal for you.
Rip Location
I am sure you do not want rips or cuts near or on the back pocket of your skinny jeans. To avoid any embarrassing situations, it is advisable to check places where the jeans is ripped. When it comes to various styles for men, they have an edge as they can experiment with bolder rips. You must also avoid ripping jeans at knees as a small hole can expand depending on how active you are.
Consider the Occasion
It is important to consider the occasion before donning ripped jeans. For example, split jeans for juniors can be worn for a party but not for the sophisticated and descent places including classrooms. You must also avoid ripped jeans when it comes to formal dinner parties, as being classy is important at such occasions.
You must also accessorize with right tops and footwear. Women can team it up with long tops, tank tops, T-shirts, and even tunics along with stylish boots, sandals, or even ballet shoes. The jeans for guys look great when coupled with casual T-shirts, jackets along with sneakers, boots, etc.
Tips For Buying
Check the Fitting
It is smart to take a trial before you buy the jeans. Check the jeans for the fitting and see if it looks and feels great. If yes, then go for it!
You must choose the right color. Though black jeans are preferred by many, the blue one can make you stand out in the crowd.
Apart from classic denim, you can experiment with cotton-mixed or stretchable fabrics that can offer more comfort.
Waist Rise
You must also determine the waist rise before buying it. If you have great abs then low rise is better but if not then its wise to go for mid rise or high rise jeans.
Remember that you are buying a jeans that is already torn, so avoid buying overpriced ones, especially when you can design your own ripped jeans.
All right, now if you are hooked to the last point and are dying to know how to rip jeans then read the rest of the article as it tells you about the same.
  • First you would need to select a pair of jeans that you wish to tear. It is advisable to prefer your old jeans as it already has the natural faded and distressed look that you just need to intensify with some slashes, holes, and cuts.
  • After selecting, mark the areas where you would rip it. It is wise to select areas where rips look natural, such as back of the knees and thighs etc.
  • Select a ripping pattern. You can go for plain slashes, asymmetrical holes, or random cuts etc. You can go through fashion magazines to get more designs of rips that you can try.
  • Now, take a pair of scissors and cut the fabric as per your design. You can use a sharp blade for slashed look.
  • Now, sand the rips with harsh sandpaper that would give a well ripped finish.
  • For a stronger rough look, you can wash the jeans again for couple of times or add some bleach to fade and distort even more.