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All You Wanted to Know About Real Pearls

Madhura Pandit Nov 26, 2018
Are you thinking of buying real pearls? Then you should go through this guide on buying pearls, the different tests used to identify them from the faux ones, etc.
Right from Jacqueline Kennedy to Michele Obama, the pearl necklace and jewelry has never been out of fashion. The single or even the triple strand pearl necklace, pearl drop earrings are simply classics and timeless.
Everyone wishes to own a set of genuine pearls and flaunt them. But, as the faux or fake pearls appear exactly similar to the real ones. You are sure to wonder how to tell fake pearls from real ones. We will see more on the test, cost and jewelry ideas for genuine pearls.

Testing Real Pearls

You should remember that simulated, faux, glass, plastic, resin, artificial, man-made, etc., are the different types of fake pearls and hence, you should not be fooled into buying them. Although real and fake pearls look exactly similar, there are several ways that help in determining whether a particular set is a real one or not.
Real or original pearls can be those obtained from freshwater as well as saltwater. Following are some methods that will help for the same.

✤ Place the pearls under bright indoor light or in the sun. Genuine pearls will show variations in their color and iridescence; while all the fake pearls in a strand will be perfectly alike.
✤ One of the most popular method of testing the genuineness of pearls is using a magnifying glass. Under a powerful magnifying glass, genuine pearls will show ridges and irregularities; which are absent in fake pearls.
✤ The magnifying glass will also show the difference in every single pearl. As naturally formed, every single real pearl will appear different; while those made artificially, are very similar.

✤ When two pearls are rubbed together, genuine pearls will appear sandy and soft, whereas fake pearls are smooth and do not feel gritty.
✤ The price of original pearls is also a lot higher than that of the fake ones. One of the best tips on buying original pearls is to get them only from reputed jewelers.

Real Pearl Jewelry

The value of original pearls depend on the size, color, and also the type of pearl. When looking for the price range of real pearls, you can note that they can cost from anything between $ 300 to over $10,000.
Similarly, when talking about the price of jewelry made of genuine pearls, it should be noted that they too differ according to the metal used, the design, the number of pearls used, etc. For e.g., a single strand real pearl necklace with a platinum clasp will cost higher than that of a gold clasp.
Also, real pearl earrings set in platinum are priced at a higher rate than those set in sterling silver. Unique pearl necklaces or necklaces of different types of pearls are also expensive.
Secondly, white pearls are said to be more expensive than the black ones, as white is the natural color of pearls. Tahitian pearls are also as expensive as the white ones due to their distinct color.
Black pearls are less expensive than others. Similar to color, the size and shape of real pearls also play an important role in determining the price. Naturally round, drop shaped, baroque shaped pearls are expensive than those made in other shapes.
You can shop at any of the reputed stores or look on the Internet to find good deals on genuine pearls. However, it is recommended to follow the authenticity test before buying them.
Lastly, note that jewelry made of pearl, the July birthstone, can be a memorable and thoughtful gift for your beloved on Valentine's day as well as birthday. So, look for good deals on genuine pearls and make a good investment. Good luck!