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Princess Cut Diamond Earrings

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. The princess cut is one of the most popular cuts in diamonds. Read on to know more about princess cut diamond earrings.
Avanika Mote Nov 22, 2018
Princess cut diamonds were created in the 1960s. In terms of popularity, they rank second in the world after the round brilliant cut. The shape of the face of the princess diamond is square, while the side shape appears like an inverted pyramid.
If the quality needs to be assessed, always look for the sparkling aspects in the diamond which produce a dazzling effect. Princess cuts have more glittering facets (usually more than 58) than a round cut.
Diamond is a symbol of everlasting love. Earrings are usually given as wedding gifts, and even on anniversaries, birthdays, and special occasions. Princess cuts are typically available as ear studs, hoops, and sometimes in gold rings with a diamond drop or with a chandelier-style finish.


White Gold

Nothing defines elegance and luxury as much as a pair of princess cut earrings in white gold. The crisp corners of the square-shaped diamond make the earrings look bold, and the sparkling stones make it a rare piece of luxury.
These white gold earrings come in different styles and carats. They are usually in 14k and 18k white gold. The carat value varies from 0.03 carats to 20.00 carats. The size depends on its carat size, 0.03 being the smallest and 20.00 being the largest size.
White gold versions of these earrings come in different design types like studs, loops with offset side stones and hoops with angled stones which add sheer perfection to the design. The price of a certified pair of these dazzling wonders start from US $300 and can go above US $5000 depending upon the carat and size.


Platinum is the rarest metal. Some of the best earring designs are found in platinum. They come in different designs like studs, loops, and chandelier earrings. Platinum diamond studs can be worn on formal clothing and casual wear as well. Loops and drops are feminine and they complement summer dresses and prom dresses as well.
Chandelier earrings go best with special occasions like weddings, formal dinners, and romantic occasions like Valentine's Day.
Platinum earrings are available in 14k and 18k, and the prices start from US $200 and go up to US $5000 or more depending upon the carat and size. The purity of platinum is measured in a 3-digit number; for example, 950 platinum means 95% pure.

Yellow Gold

Diamond earrings are also available in yellow gold. It is relatively cheaper than platinum and white gold.
The carat range in yellow gold is 10k, 14k, 18k, and 24k. 24k gold is the purest form, but the diamond jewelry in yellow gold is only designed in 14k and 18k. This gold adds a vintage look to the earrings. The yellow gold jewelry is undoubtedly the classiest as it has been in use since ages, even before platinum and white gold were discovered.

Tips for Buying

While buying jewelry, you should be extra careful. An authentic certification from the highest authority like IGI (International Gemological Institute) or GIA (Gemological Institute of America) is what you should look out for. HRD is the best-known company for diamond certifications. It stands for "Hoge Raad voor Diamant".
A diamond certification is a proof that the stone is original, it is a document that verifies the cut, color, clarity, and the carat weight of a diamond. Always ask for the certification before buying jewelry. Platinum, white gold, and yellow gold hallmarks and certificates are also essential before buying this jewelry.
For choosing the right metal and design, you should see what complements your skin tone and personality. White gold and platinum goes with cooler skin tones, whereas yellow gold goes with warm skin tones and adds a yellow glitter to your face.