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Pork Pie Hat

Dress Light and Still Dazzle - Pork Pie Hats to Add to Your Style

Pork pie hats are a classic fashion accessory for men. These hats can be used for formal as well as casual events. This article explains what this hat is, how it looks, and the materials and varieties it is available in.
Aparna Jadhav
Last Updated: Jul 14, 2017
Commonly used as a style statement, pork pie hats are usually worn by men on any type of clothing. It is made from a variety of materials, the pattern resembles a "trilby hat" but has a flat top. It gained its name because of its resemblance to a pork pie served on a plate. The crown is short with an indentation on the circular sides of the hat. There is no pinch to the crown as seen on most men's hats, which is what makes it unique and a classic. The hat was originally designed for women, but later gained popularity as a part of men's clothing in Britain, as it could be worn on any type of attire, viz: formal, semi-formal, and casual.
Today, even though men don't wear hats as a regular part of their attire, these hats are used to give a classic touch to any outfit. We usually come across a number of musicians, singers, and stage performers wearing these hats on vests or dress shirts. Men can definitely use them for formal events or as a trendy accessory.
There are many types of materials which are used to make these hats like leather, felt, and straw. Even though you don't use one on a regular basis, you can surely use these as a wardrobe essential for men.
Felt Style
The pork pie hat was initially made from felt, and even though there are a variety of other materials used today, felt is still popular. Felt is known to be a non-woven material, which is prepared by condensing and suppressing woolen fiber. There are variations in this fabric with some types of felt being very soft, while others being rather rough in texture. There are also a number of colors which are available in this fabric, and hence you find a variety of colored hats made from felt. The most well-known felt hats are usually chocolate, black, and navy. Feathers, ribbons, and bows can also be added to them.
Leather Style
Leather pork pie hats are known to be a symbol of style and glamor. They look very classy when worn with a leather vest, a black or white shirt, leather pants, and boots. Being a complete add-on to any party wear, this kind of hat is surely something your wardrobe must have. Its shiny finish can make any piece of clothing look as attractive as ever. Like felt, there are a number of variations in leather hats as well, but the smooth leather type are the most popular.
Straw Style
If you are going to the beach or attending a seaside party, then a straw pork pie is surely going to be useful. A light-colored hat along with a dark ribbon tied around it will complete the outfit when worn with a floral shirt and plain trousers. It also looks great when you wear it with a button down shirt, a linen blazer, and pants. Straw pork pie hats are knit closely or can be loosely woven to make them look more casual.
With all the colorful and varied styles, pork pie hats will never go out of fashion.
Man with leather hat