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The Most Popular Eyeglass Frames for Women That are Ever-trending

Popular Eyeglass Frames for Women
Wearing eyeglasses can be chic if you pick a stylish eyeglass that suits your face type. Here is information on all-time popular eyeglass frames for women.
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There was a time when wearing eyeglasses was a cause of embarrassment for women. Not anymore! Today an eyeglass is not only meant to correct vision, but, is also considered as a fashion accessory. From designer eyeglasses to signature eyewear, eyeglass trends have been evolving every year. So, what are the most popular eyeglass frames? Is the retro or vintage eyeglass trend back in fashion? Are Marilyn's cat eyeglasses still popular? Let us take a look.
Popular Eyeglasses for Women
For daily wear, Sarah Palin-like eyeglasses are popular in the US and also in other parts of the world. These eyeglasses with rectangular glasses and no frame are perfect for daily and office wear. If you wish to have a classy corporate look without wanting to look geeky, these eyeglasses are perfect for you. Rectangular eyeglasses are perfect for oval, round, long as well as thin face shapes. If you do not wish to experiment with eyeglasses and want to invest in only one classy eyeglass, then go for the uber-chic eyeglasses from Prada, Dolce and Gabbana or Roberto Cavalli eyeglasses. They are expensive but definitely worth the investment.
rectangular eyeglass frame
rimless rectangular eyeglass
On the other hand, if you are a fashionista and are looking for fashionable eyeglass frames, then note that the retro or vintage look which was popular several years ago, is back in vogue. The retro eyeglasses with thick or chunky frames, made in vibrant colors, will make you appear sexy, and definitely not geeky. These eyeglasses are made in metal or plastic frames. If you are going to use your eyeglasses daily, you can opt for metal frames. However, plastic frames are available in a range of colors which can help you match your eyeglass with your clothes. Purple, black, gray, etc. retro eyeglasses are the most popular eyeglass frames for women.
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Similar to the retro look, the cat's eye eyeglasses are also back in fashion. As these eyeglasses have a thicker frame at the temple and at the sides, they can be personalized with funky designs and embellishments. A black cat's eye eyeglass is one of the most fashionable eyeglass frames for women today. However, you can also try other colors or experiment with dual colors to make a unique eyeglass frame. These eyeglasses usually suit oval face shape. Secondly, you must have loved John Lennon's or Harry Potter's perfectly round eyeglasses. However, although these are popular eyeglass frames, very few women can actually carry them off without looking geeky. Women with a long or thin faces can opt for these eyeglasses.
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retro eyeglass frame
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Eyeglass Colors
When talking about eyeglass color trends, note that bright and vibrant colors are very much in vogue. Although the classic black, metallic gray, will never be outdated, you can try out new colors like purple, pink, green, red, etc. You can also try colors like yellow, white, in spring. A combination of red and black, purple and black, and pastel pink and glass frames, are coolest colors for teenagers and young women. Most of these new eyeglass frames are made in plastic and hence, are light weight.
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Before buying an eyeglass, you need to check whether it suits and complements your face type. For example, a broad and round eyeglass frame does not suit a round face. If you have an oval face, nearly all frame shapes will complement your features. Similarly, note that the eyeglass should fit perfectly and not slide off your nose. Therefore, it is a wise idea to try on eyeglasses before buying them, and not choose only on the basis of their appearance.
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We can conclude by saying that the retro and old fashion is back again. Look out for discounts on plastic frame eyeglasses at designer stores, you may even get 2-3 cool eyeglasses at considerably low prices. These fashionable eyeglasses can even be paired with other accessories. Good luck!
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