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Factors to Consider When Choosing Plus Size Special Occasion Dresses

Aastha Dogra Mar 17, 2019
The dress that one wears is an important part in the atmosphere of an occasion. Here we suggest some tips on choosing the perfect plus size dress for a special occasion.
Being a plus size woman should not be a deterrent to dressing up fashionably. Although, the fashion is somewhat aimed at and designed for women with perfect figures to some extent, plus size women too can look their best, especially on an event like an anniversary party or a black-tie dinner event, with some wise and clever decisions in women's clothing.
When it comes to finding clothes for larger women, the key lies in finding such clothing, which highlights your good features and hides all your flaws instead of blindly following the latest fashion trends.
After all, if it's a special occasion, it can be made even more memorable, if you receive accolades from everybody around on the way you look!


When choosing a dress, go in for darker colors. Black is the favorite choice of women on the heavier side as it makes them look slimmer. However, you do not have to just stick to black, you can opt for other dark and bright colors such as purple, red, dark blue, and bottle green, as well.


Check the length of the dress. It completely depends upon the shape of your legs. Since some plump women have shapely and slightly thinner legs, it would make sense to wear knee-length dresses.
However, if the legs are unshapely and make you look fat, play it safe and wear full length clothes. The maxis, which are somewhere in the middle, neither too short nor full-length, suit almost all women.


To find the perfect fit can be quite a challenge. Still, some options such as those with an empire style waist, i.e., which have waist slightly above the natural waistline, sometimes right under the bust, can make you look slimmer. Such slimming options are a great choice for women with a big bottom and tummy.
If you are someone who has bulky arms and broad shoulders, go in for those with jackets. They fit nicely on the body and come with a small jacket, which covers the upper back from behind and forms a kind of a squarish neck in the front.
Sometimes they are buttoned on top in the front, giving a kind of peek-a-boo effect, revealing just the right amount of cleavage! Other choices are - the front wrap, drop waist, as well as strapless dresses (if you have a narrow bust and thin shoulders).

Fabric and Prints

The fabric and prints can do a lot to add or take away from the way you look. So, go in for free-flowing chiffon or flattering satin or light weight polyester. Avoid fabric that adds bulk to your body. One more thing to avoid is any kind of frills or puffs or tiers.
Moving on to the prints, although, most women prefer plain evening dresses, if you must have prints, see to it that they are on such a body part which you want to highlight. In simple words, if your bust is shapely, go in for prints on the upper part of your dress. If you have shapely legs, wear dresses with prints near the hemline!
As you can see, by selecting the right color, length, design, fabric, and style, you can look slimmer, gorgeous, and beautiful, ready to create a splash on any special occasion!