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Ideas to Choose Plus-size Dresses for Special Occasions

Rimlee Bhuyan Jan 9, 2019
Knowing good designs and styles of plus-size dresses for special occasions is very important if you are a plus-sized woman. There are many options that you can consider for this purpose.
Plus-size women who want to dress up for a party often face a strange conundrum; in fact, they are always plagued by what to wear and if the apparel they have chosen is elegant and dressy enough or not. Many women begin to self doubt and think that it is making them look too heavy or bulky
While choosing one for a special occasion, it is very important that you select a piece that is of the latest fashion, but at the same time, it should flatter you, too. A fashionable apparel that might look great on a size-zero model on the runway might not work out for you.
There are many designs, styles, and silhouettes of dresses that look good on plus-size women. Knowing these fashions, designs, and styles, select the perfect ones for special events.

Suitable Options

Finding a party apparel might seem intimidating, but you can find a figure-flattering and sophisticated one if you know which cuts and silhouette to choose. The piece of clothing that you choose will also depend a great deal on the event that you will be attending.
For a black-tie dinner, a formal attire that sweeps the floor, or a knee-length cocktail dress is appropriate. For a simple party with friends, any evening dress pattern with high heels will work well. The trick to finding a perfect gown is to make sure that it throws attention on your face and neckline and diverts attention from big hips or jiggly thighs.

Grecian Drape Dress

One of the best attire for plus-sized women that is fashionable enough to wear to a special occasion is a Grecian drape dress. These come in many designs and styles, and one of the best is a shouldered Grecian apparel that comes up to the knee. They should be ideally in a jewel color like emerald, turquoise, fuchsia, and gold for a dressy look.
Crystal embellishments under the bust or shoulders will give them a very classy and elegant look. White and gold Grecian drape dresses that are floor length with antique gold trimmings are best for wearing to a black-tie affair.

Faux Skirt and Blouse Dress

This is another good option. The unique aspect of this attire is that it looks like two separates, i.e., a skirt and a blouse worn together. But, it is actually a single garment that is perfectly coordinated in the top and the bottom half. These apparels come in many designs, right from the simple to the more flamboyant ones.
They are great to wear for any event in the daytime; for instance, a polo match or a charity auction. Pastel colors in the top portion of the dress, with a dark hue at the bottom look elegant and classic, and are also good for concealing wide hips and waist.

Drop Waist Dress

Another good design to consider is the drop waist dress. It is an apparel whose waistline is lower and which elongates the upper portion of the body. The skirt of this dress is shorter than the bodice, and it is one of the best for girls, since it conceals a flabby tummy and throws attention to the legs.
Apparels in fabrics like jersey, raw silk, and chiffon are the best clothing material. While choosing one for special events, make sure that you pay attention to its hemline, as it should not be too short, and also ensure that the neckline flatters your face.
Always purchase dresses that do not have big prints and patterns. There are many designers and boutiques that have a large selection of plus-size apparels. With the right silhouette and designs, you can look elegant and sophisticated and ready to attend any event.