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How to Find the Perfect Plus-size Designer Jeans

How to Find the Perfect Plus-size Designer Jeans
Unable to find nice fitting plus-size jeans in the large size segment? Well, you need to turn towards the branded pairs which offer jeans in great cuts and ultimate fits for plus-size men and women. Still unable to decide whether you must really spend on a pair of designer jeans? Well, here are some reasons why you can ignore the high price tag!
Mamta Mule
Finding a pair of great fitting plus-size jeans is no longer a tough task. Previously the collection of these jeans hardly consisted of pairs that would fit well on fuller figures. They appeared baggy, and loose from all sides without proper shape and cuts. But have a look at the latest collection of plus-size jeans and you are sure to find stunning designs and great fitting pieces. Well, be it a size 34 jeans or even larger, size 36 jeans, designers have classic fits available in these. With the increasing competition, brands are not ignoring the plus-size segment and they do have a large product line specially designed for this category. Well, you might wonder why opt for the expensive Old Navy, Gap, Levi's, Lane Bryant, Jag Jeans, or Not Your Daughter's Jeans when you get similar pieces at lower prices. Here's why opting for a designer jeans is a smart choice.
Why Opt for Designer Brands
When you begin your search, designer pieces are the right thing to go for. While many of you might be avoiding trying out the jeans due to their heavy price tag, let me tell you, they offer a nice fit and ultimate comfort. Poor fit and a great fit is the primary difference between inexpensive jeans! If you fall in the plus-size segment, a poor fit can simply ruin your appearance and make the clothing look completely unsuitable on your body. So why not invest in a good designer pair of jeans that will not only last longer, but also give you the ultimate look whenever you wear it?
Let me tell you that the jeans are priced high for their quality and comfortable fabric. Apart from this, as the designer jeans are cut keeping in mind the fuller figures, they offer much proper fits. Apart from the large sizes available in this collection, you also get various styles which together offer an array of options. A plus-sized individual with good height might not pick the same style of jeans as a petite individual would do. Like petites must avoid capri, especially the calf length pants which make them look even shorter and bulkier. Similarly taller women who fall in the plus-size category must avoid buying much flared boot cuts. So having a range of options in the same size will help you find a style which suits you best.
Well, if you ever thought of having a range of styles and washes in plus-size denims as those offered in the smaller sizes, then you need not sit wondering about it. Designers have a range of jeans for you on display and you can get set to try out the pieces. Jeans which show off your curves, those high-waisted jeans which hide your stomach, denims which don't give you a mushroom body look are all available in this category.
You would agree that shopping is not difficult if you start browsing through the designer pieces. Let me tell you, patience is the key to finding a pair of great-looking jeans. You must not stop on one brand but rather explore the collection of a few brands known for plus-size jeans. Well, when you consider different options, pick a few styles from the collection and try them to see what looks good on you. It is best to opt for single colored or slightly shaded jeans for men and women. With a wide range of options in fits and sizes, find a piece which highlights your best assets and covers the problem areas. Add a nice top or shirt which falls well on your body and get set to flaunt your designer outfit and of course a great looking you!