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All You Must Know About Plus Size Clothing Patterns

Parul Solanki Sep 29, 2018
With the fashion and clothing industry waking up to the reality of plus size men and women, many patterns for plus size clothing have emerged recently. Take a look at some popular plus size clothing patterns available with the major designers.
Although the fashion industry may be bursting at the seams with those "extra" thin, almost anorexic models, the truth is that nearly 62% of women in America wear a size 14 and above.
The clothing designers and the manufactures have been slow in taking note of this demand for plus size clothing. While some stores do keep a range of plus size women clothing, the choices are extremely limited.
Most women above size 14 had to be content with oversized dresses, baggy pants, bright colors, flowered patterns, and sequins. However, with the increasing demand for unique and trendy plus size clothing, the clothing and pattern industry has slowly started to take note.
The best thing for plus size fashionistas is to know where to find and how to use plus size sewing patterns that increase your fashion styles. Whether to do your own sewing or hiring a seamstress, a flattering, correctly-sized pattern, combined with a well-chosen fabric, can go a long way ensuring that your wardrobe has clothes that ooze style and elegance.

Getting The Fit

Vital element of successful sewing is to get the garment fit correctly. No matter how beautiful the fabric or how stylish the design is, the item will probably just sit in the closet if the sleeves are tight or the waist is short. (For all plus size women: It's a myth that you should wear baggy clothes. Clothes that fit you will ALWAYS make you look slimmer)

Designing for Plus Size Women

One innovation in fitting plus size clothing for girls and women is, to take into account the body shape of the person. Not everyone puts on weight the same way. While some women put on weight on the hips and thighs, some are fuller around the bust or stomach area.
So, for people with a full back, having a little more room in the back of a garment is important to some women. This gives them comfort and a smooth fit. Similarly for women with full tummy area, it is vital that there is tummy fit in all garments, particularly in pants and shorts.
While selecting the pattern, the size of the body is represented by a letter. Therefore, H is even, top and bottom, with not much of a waist, while O is round all over. The letter A stands for the people who are larger at the hips, while X is what is traditionally known as the hourglass figure.

Patterns for Plus Size Clothing

The plus size sewing patterns are not always easy to find, with patterns for house dresses, slacks, and blouses being so out of fashion. Today's full-figured fashionistas have choices in the style of clothing they would like to create. So, whether you want cute plus size clothing or want to stick to the funky plus size clothing, the choice is up to you.
These include:
• Baby doll tunics
• Chic blouses
• Sundress
• Pant suits
• Coats and jackets skirts
• Elegant plus size gowns
• Weekend wear
• Loungewear and pajamas
There are many fashion houses having plus sized stylish clothing and dress patterns for women. You can select fashion patterns by Coni Crawford or Vogue. In addition, there are many designer plus size clothing patterns that are available. Check out clothes by Simplicity and My Sisters Patterns which offer a range of patterns for the plus size women.

The most important part for plus size clothing is that you can choose patterns that suit your fashion taste and create an illusion that makes you look thinner than you are.