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A Guide to Plus Size Boots and its Varied Popular Styles

Tulika Nair Mar 12, 2019
Every woman wants a pair of boots in her wardrobe, but you may want to look at plus-size boots for women, if you, like us mere mortals are not built like ramp models. Here, we tell you how to pick out boots which are bigger in size and what are the different styles that you can opt for.
Boots! They can be the perfect pick-me-ups on a day when nothing seems to be right. They are the perfect shoes to take a dress from looking great to oh-so-fabulous. For some reason though, it is always difficult to find a perfect pair of well-fitting boots; shoes that snugly fit your legs, caressing your feet as you pull them up.
The task at hand becomes even more difficult if you are trying to find a pair of plus-size boots. For women who have large calves, it can be a pain trying to find those perfect pair of boots that fit perfectly. But do not despair, and definitely do not give up. As there is quite a lot of hope for you.

Picking Boots that are Plus-Sized

It is important to understand that even thin women may need to wear wide-calf boots. It is not a foregone conclusion that you may need to wear boots in a bigger size only if you are a woman of big proportions. When shopping for boots with wide calves, there are some tips that you need to keep in mind. These are given here.
● First and foremost, it is important to understand measurements. Use a tape to measure the circumference of your calf at its widest. This measurement should serve as your guide when shopping for plus-size boots, whether at a store or online. If you have a size that is in between two sizes, then it makes sense to go in for the larger size.
● Take into account the material of the boots that you are buying. Boots made of materials like sheepskin tend to give more space for wide calves. It makes sense to opt for a pair that allows your feet breathing space and is not too snug.
● With leather boots, you may feel the need to expand the panels. Talk to the shoemaker into doing this for you. Materials like leather and suede are extremely durable and therefore, make for good options in the long run. With boots for the rain, it may make sense to opt for boots made of rubber.
● While shopping for boots for big calves, it may be a good idea to check out online stores as they have a larger range.

Styles to Pick From

Just because your feet are larger than normal, does not mean that you cannot experiment with different styles of boots. From thigh-high boots to flat lace-up boots, there are many different designs in which these shoes are available. Let us take a look at the different designs that you can opt from.
● Crunch Boots: These boots work very well for women who have wide calves. They can be worn knee-high, and also pushed down towards the ankle. This style of boots allows for a lot of space, making it extremely comfortable for women with large calves.
● Stretch Boots: Another great option, shoes made from these fabrics allow for a lot of room for the wearer. Now, you can easily opt for one of the designs in which boots are made of a mix of leather and stretch fabrics. Boots made of stretch fabric also fit snugly and are perfect for women who have wider calves than average, as it allows for a lot of ease.
● Knitted Boots: The benefit of opting for knitted boots or sweater boots is that you can get these boots custom-made and ensure that they fit well. These are the perfect pair for women with extra wide calves. The problem with sweater boots it that more often than not these boots lose their elasticity and do not stay up.
● Lace-up Boots: If you are looking for a more stylish option, then lace up versions for women are a great option for you to choose from.
These boots can be widened or narrowed by playing around with the laces and make for a great option for women with wide calves. Opt for a pair of thigh-high boots if you are going for lace-ups.
If these options do not work for you, then opt for a boots with a long zipper on the inside which allows the boots to be opened up wide enough, so that the feet can be inserted with ease. This will allow you to zip up the boot easily.
These boots are not that difficult to find and once you find those perfect pair, you will definitely be tempted to wear them everyday, regardless of your outfit.