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Scintillating and Elite: Tips to Wear a Petite Cocktail Dress

Rutuja Jathar Sep 23, 2018
Elegant petite cocktail dresses are not so hard to find, if you are clear about the prerequisites of selecting them.
So, you have a tough time in finding a petite cocktail dress, and it's the reason you shy away from those glittering socials. What do you think Eva Longoria, Sara Jessica Parker, Salma Hayek, Scarlett Johansson, Jessica Simpson and the likes do, for their party events? These petite gleaming beauties are famous for wearing the best dresses on such occasions!
To look beautiful and glamorous, you need to come out of your conviction that women below 5'4" cannot wear those graceful cocktail dresses. They can actually find awesome dresses, to suit their figure to perfection. There are some body basics and a few clothing norms, which are to be followed.
As of now, cocktail parties are one of the most important social events for the sophisticated class. Hence, it is important for you to know everything about the attire for such functions.


If you are confused, then you can always go for the classic 'little black dress', but it shouldn't restrict you from experimenting with other stunning options.
As a rule of thumb, go for solid colors and smaller prints, because petites can get completely lost in the boldly printed cocktail dresses
There is nothing more flamboyant than a petite lady covered with a single solid color from top to bottom with minimum jewelry and natural makeup.
Go for knee-length dresses, to make your legs look long. But strictly avoid a mid-calf length dress, because it makes you look shorter. Always go for tailor made clothing and avert overmuch fabrics, frills, and bouffant sleeves.
Try empire-waist dresses, they can help you cast your feminine spell on everyone. The key with the empire-waist dress is that, its waistline hits right below the breast line, which highlights your torso and legs, and makes you look taller. Use flowing fabric while designing these dresses, as they make your dress all the more desirable and more comfortable.
If you don't find them charming, then you can always go for the sheath style dresses or the tie-back waist dresses. Both these types of fashion clothing form a slender silhouette and taller appearance. Most of the time, they are made of cotton or silk and fall around the knees.
We cannot move ahead without mentioning the A-Line style. These dresses irrespective of the color, add fullness to a petite frame and give it a prominent definition. They concentrate a lot on the hips and the bottom, rather than the waist.
They skitter the hips and get wide at the bottom. Never wear dresses that concentrate at the middle torso, because they only make you look shorter. After you are done with selecting the dress, search for the matching fashion accessories.


Any apparel is incomplete without matching accessories. The importance of fashion jewelry and accessories becomes all the more crucial. Keep it as simple as possible, and don't wear anything which highlights your flyspeck size.
For that, you need to avoid oversized necklaces and wear chokers, that draw the attention towards your face and make you appear taller.
Go for high heels and pointed toed women's shoes. If you are comfortable, try wearing heels which are 2 inch or taller. But strictly avoid chunky, ankle strapped, square off-toed shoes.
Same is with the handbags; avoid larger handbags and purses and go for the feminine clutches.
Remember that you don't need to follow the latest fashion trends to look glamorous. Wearing the best cocktail dress that fits great with your size, style, and comfort, is all that is expected from you for being fashionable.