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Personalized Decorating Ideas for Flip-Flops

Batul Nafisa Baxamusa Nov 17, 2018
Flip-flops are back-less sandals which are light in weight and mainly made from plastic or rubber. They are cool to wear and you can enjoy designing them yourself. Try out these decorative ideas given here and create your own personalized ones.
Flip-flops can be given a personal touch when you add that little extra zing and make it a fun pair. These home decorations will help create a unique look for your flip-flops. You can use them on the beach, in the garden, in your home, or during a trip to the store.

Decorative Ideas for Add-ons

Stickers can help create a different look every time you wear your flip-flop. Decorate the heels and straps with stickers, and simply change them the next time, to match with your dress.
You can use waterproof glue to stick shapes of fruits and vegetables on their straps. You can explore many fun-shapes like fish, animals, and even cartoons.
You can create a new fashionable trend by adding beads. Simply measure a thread from your big toe till the end of your heel. Add about 6 - 7 inches to the length. Tie a slip knot in the middle of the thread. Slide beads into the thread till both the thread pieces are strung with them.
Slip on your flip-flop and slide the knot over the big toe. Tie the loose ends behind your heels. Cut the excess threads after tying. This will create a different look and you can make different beads arrangement to match your dress. You can also experiment with different shapes of beads and bead materials.
Hunt for light-weight frames at your local crafts store. Add a picture of sunset or your favorite pet or flowers and stick the frame on the point where the straps meet. On your next trip to the beach, don't forget to collect small shells. They are excellent for sticking them to your flip-flops and giving it a beach look.

Color Kraft

You can use paint to create unique designs. Paint yours with vibrant colors to make them stand out. You can use calligraphy to write the names of your children on their flip-flops.
Add heart, flowers, geometric designs, stripes, dots, the possibilities are endless. Why restrict your artistic talent? Paint the sides and undersides as well.
You can draw and color your initials on a piece of cloth. Cut the piece of cloth and stick it to a large button or cola bottle cap. Stick it on your flip-flop to give it a personalized look.

Some More Personalized Add-ons

Use buttons to decorate your flip-flops. One large button can be glued at the point where the straps meet. Or you can use many small buttons and glue them over the strap.
Animal lover? You can stick small light-weighted animal soft toys on the straps of your flip-flop. Create a unique 'jungle-theme' for yourself.
You can also use grosgrain ribbons and make large bows. Stick these large bows on the straps. You can also stick glittering laces on the straps.
Embellishments of large flowers, butterflies, gemstones, and anything you can think of, can be used to decorate them. Rummage through the crafts store and find interesting decorations to create a new look.
Rummage through the crafts store and find interesting decorations to create a new look.
Let your imagination run wild and create flip-flops that are exclusive.
These extraordinary, one-of-a-kind footwear can be great gifts for your loved ones.