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Perfect Female Body

Perfect Female Body Types and Fashion Tips for Each

Most women crave for the perfect body, but don't know what exactly qualifies as 'perfect'. The problem with perfection, more often than not, is that it cannot be defined! But here in this article, I'll try to define the body measurements and perfect female body ratios for our readers.
Arjun Kulkarni
Last Updated: Mar 5, 2018
In your daily life, every person you come across will first notice your appearance. Your facial features and your body type creates the first impression. So what does body type mean? How is it defined?

Body type comprises your bone frame and structure. It is the basic structure that sculpts your figure. They are categorized as broad, curvy, and narrow bone frames. Depending on your bone frame, your body type is determined. Body type and body shape are closely related, as body type determines the shape of your body. Whether thin or fat, your bone frame decides your shape. So what if you are broad overall? If you are broad overall with hardly any curves, you are rectangular in shape. Let us see these shapes in detail.
Apple Shaped Body Type
Apple shape refers to the shape of an inverted triangle. Women having this body shape, are busty and chubby on their upper body. Their waist and hips are narrower than their shoulders and chest. The apple shape is also known as an inverted triangular shape, but there is a slight difference between the two. In the triangle shape, the waist and the legs are a little more tapering whereas in the apple shape, the waist is more round.

Fashion tip

Wear clothes that sculpt your midriff. You are busty, so clothes with a deep neckline would look best on you. As you have slim legs, shorts, skirts, etc., are perfect for you.
Diamond Shape Body Type
Women who are narrow on the top and bottom, but have a broad or chubby waistline, are diamond-shaped. These women have an overall slim look. Their shoulders taper upwards while their bottoms taper downwards, just like the shape of a diamond.

Fashion tip

Wear dresses that are flowy from the waistline. Donning shoulder pads will help you get that broad look. Flat-fronted pants and A-line skirts would look best on you. You could also wear low necks. Try shopping for striped clothes and hipsters. Avoid body-hugging clothes and pleated designs. Also avoid broad belts, pencil skirts and slim-fit pants.
Pear Shape Body Type
Women who are narrow on the top, but have a heavy lower body are pear-shaped. These women have broad thighs. Their shoulders taper upwards, while their hips are very broad, just like the shape of a pear.

Fashion tip

Strapless and tube tops will help you show off that lean upper body. Wear jackets to get your shoulders in proportion with your wide hips. Bootcut jeans and dark-colored pants, or skirts will camouflage your broad hips.
Rectangle Shape Body Type
Women who have a straight-like bone frame are rectangular in shape. They lack curves and are more flat in shape. Their waistline would measure almost the same as their lower body, chest and shoulders. They have a box-like figure.

Fashion tip

Wear clothes that cinch at your waistline to get the curvy look. You could also wear pushups or pads to enhance your curves. Shop for dresses or skirts that go flare from your waistline. Avoid thin belts; they will make your waist look chubby. Wear broad belts; they will give you a flat waist-like look. Balloon skirts, pleated or A-line skirts will suit you the best.
Hourglass shape Body Type
The hourglass shape is also known as the shape of the number eight (8). This shape is desired by most women and many have also tried to acquire it. The hourglass shape is full of curves, where your shoulders and your hips measure the same, while you have a slim and narrow waist. A perfect hourglass shape could be any variation of sizes - 40-34-40 or 36-24-36 (chest-waist-hips).

Fashion tip:

You actually don't need a tip. Your shape is perfect. The clothes that would look best on you are pencil skirts, tucked in shirts or tops with a deep neckline, etc.
On the line of perfection, the hourglass body shape and curvy body type are considered the best. Only about 8.4 percent women have the hourglass body shape. The waist should be around 9 inches smaller than the bust, to get that perfect 8 curve. After taking a look at the different body types and body shapes, I can conclude by stressing on the fact that; "A healthy body is a perfect body". Our body frame is God-gifted and we have no control over it. Whatever be your shape or type, if you've maintained yourself well, you are just perfect.
Now, let me end the article with an apology:

This article on attractive body types may have some chauvinistic undertones, but I'm afraid that this was the only way that I could have written this article. I've just tried to elucidate the fact that there is not just one meaning to 'perfect', but in fact, there are dissimilar types, and various ways of perceiving perfection.