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A Guide to Wear a Pencil Skirt

Sujata Iyer Apr 21, 2019
A pencil skirt is that one element in your wardrobe that can give you a cute and sexy look at the same time. Read more about this skirt.
What do Nicole Kidman, Ashley Simpson, Jessica Alba, and Jennifer Aniston have in common? Apart from the color of their hair of course. All of them can pull off a pencil skirt, even in their sleep (which may be a little difficult, to be honest). And if you've noticed, they aren't really necessarily of the same body type.
While a couple of them may be tall and have never-ending legs (sigh!), the others are of a height that most women can comfortably relate to (bless them). Some are stick-thin and some are curvaceous. So, what is this piece of clothing that can suit all body types? Let's find out here.

The Pattern

After the Second World War, the women of the west began to take fashion clothing very seriously. To the extent of sometimes not being comfortable in what they wore. A pencil skirt emerged as a hot trend at that time.
The basic pattern of the pencil skirt is as follows. It is a form-hugging skirt that extends up to or below the knee. It fits snugly, right from the waist until the end seam at the knee. The tightness of the skirt and its long and slim fit are what gave it the name 'pencil skirt'.
Initially somewhat like 'hobble skirts' (called so because they made women 'hobble'), this skirt was given a new name and look by Christian Dior when he termed it an H-line skirt and allowed the length to be shortened from the hobble's full length to the knee length that it is a major trend today.
Most pencil skirts today come with either a back slit or a side slit in order to make leg movements a little less cumbersome for the wearer.

Dos and Don'ts

It must be said that wearing a pencil skirt is not for women who aren't comfortable in very snug clothing. This is because since the skirt is relatively snug and ends at the knees, it restrains swift and easy movement of the legs. Hence, while wearing a pencil skirt, you need to walk in small, quick, and defined steps.
Activities like climbing a ladder, cycling, sitting cross-legged (Indian style), etc. are nearly impossible in this skirt, so please do not attempt them.
What you can do is practice walking in high heels with a heavy book on your head, sliding into a car sideways with both your legs together, and sitting with one leg crossed over the other for a long time. These are the few activities that will not be difficult to perform wearing this skirt, but could use a little training nonetheless.

What to Wear with a Pencil Skirt

In earlier days, a pencil skirt was worn as a style statement by businesswomen. Today however, it is worn by professionals all around the world. When it comes to what to team the pencil skirt with, there are so many options.
If you're thinking retro fashion, then you can get a checkered pencil skirt and pair it with a plain top and knee-high boots. For formal office wear, you can never go wrong with dark colors. A navy blue or black skirt with a pristine white blouse, smartly tucked in with a jacket matching the skirt makes for an elegant formal outfit.
Pencil skirt dresses are also doing the rounds of the fashion circuit. So you can snag a couple of body-hugging dresses and wear some sexy boots and wrap a gorgeous stole around your shoulders for an extra glamorous look! It will flatter your curves and make you look super-sexy!
A pencil skirt is more of a formal attire, so avoid wearing it for casual occasions. It will restrict your movement and you won't be able to enjoy yourself. But for formal dinner parties or regular office wear, this is one of the best options!