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Pearl Ring Settings

Valuable Tips to Refer Before Choosing Your Pearl Ring Setting

No matter how attractive pearls you select, pearl ring settings decide how it will adorn your hand. Read the following article to find out the best settings for yourself.
Rutuja Jathar
Last Updated: Apr 22, 2018
Owing to their impeccable beauty and glow, pearls have always been a royal treasure. Even today, pearls are reckoned as a symbol of elegance and beauty and hence, they are always chosen for making various beautiful jewelry articles. From the intricate procedure of making of the pearls to the glistening appeal that it bestows, pearl jewelry is often used as an accent jewelry. People who are too fond of pearls, prefer to wear pearl jewelry to gemstone or diamond jewelry. After pearl necklaces and earrings, pearl ring is the most popular pearl adornment that people like to wear, especially women. When it comes to pearl rings, the ring settings increase or rather determine the attractiveness of the kind of pearl that you have chosen for the ring.
Popular Pearl Ring Settings
When I decided to buy a pearl ring for me, I was struck with the dilemma of finding the best setting that can make the pearl that I had chosen, more prominent. As a result, I started surfing online and in the local jewelry shops in search of the best pearl ring setting that are available there and I was really thrilled to see such a variety there, just like the diamond ring settings. Here are some of the popular settings for pearl rings.
Cocktail Ring Setting
When it comes to dressy social affairs and cocktail parties, women prefer to wear limited and subtle yet really stunning jewelry articles. It is exactly the reason why they often prefer wearing a large and oversized pearl in modest setting that comes with or without a few gemstones or diamond cluster. Many women prefer using smaller pearls to surround the main stone in cluster. Gold, silver, platinum, sterling silver, etc. are the popular materials that are used for the ring settings.
Solitaire Ring Setting
You must have already heard about the bold yet beautiful pearl solitaires, with size 6 mm and above. The bigger the pearl, the lesser is the decoration that it requires. Wearing a single while pearl with silver band is a common practice, that you can try to modify by using different types of pearl color shades with pure silver, white gold or platinum bands. However, you need to be careful while choosing the pearl for the best settings. Since pearls are porous, they soak up impurities and hence, you need to watch out for any impurities before finalizing it!
Engagement Ring Settings
If you are in search of unique engagement ring for your partner and you don't want a diamond engagement ring, then you have the best choice in the form of antique pearl engagement rings. While choosing the best antique pearl rings with the desired design, like solitaire or various band settings like split, six prong, four prong, flat edge, pave knife edge, pave engagement ring setting, prong set halo, tapered solitaire, paves cathedral, French cut diamond setting, etc. are the popular designs. If you are looking for a promise ring, then you may also like to choose Celtic jewelry design and then combine it with various stunning sterling silver pearl ring settings.
Cluster Ring Setting
If you are in search of an inexpensive option for the settings, then pearl cluster is a great choice that you have. Since you will be wearing a ring with a cluster of numerous small pearls, it will definitely be pretty inexpensive fashion jewelry, compared to a pearl solitaire. If you choose cultured type of pearls then you will get this ring for even lower price. You can combine colored and white pearls, or black and other light colored pearls in a cluster. Some people also prefer flushed pearls with equally small diamonds, but with diamonds such rings can get a bit costly.
No matter which pearl ring settings that you opt for, always choose a totally unblemished and crack-free pearl. If you are purchasing a natural pearl, then do not forget to check the x-ray certification of pearl proving so! Once purchased, you also need to learn the basics of pearl jewelry care for your pearl rings, so that they can adorn you till eternity!