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Different Styles of Pearl Necklaces

Wondrous Styles of Pearl Necklaces Make You Look Classy and Royal

Pearl necklaces are a classic jewelry for women and every women likes to own a string of beautiful pearls. Knowing which designs and patterns of pearl necklaces are trendy and in fashion will help you to look chic and classy.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 12, 2018
There is nothing more alluring than a string of smooth and lustrous pearls adorning your neck if you pair it with a little black dress. Pearls has been a popular choice with women from time immemorial. There is something almost magical about the luster of a pearl necklace. Pearl necklaces are available in many designs and styles from the classic collar style necklace to the modern rope style necklace. Whatever style you choose, there is little doubt that a pearl necklace gives the wearer a classy and elegant aura. If you thought that pearl necklaces are only reserved for old ladies, then you wouldn't be more wrong. Contemporary designs of pearl necklaces, created by some of the best jewelry designers are sure to take your breath away.
As you all know a pearl is formed inside a mollusk when an irritant or foreign particle enters the body of the pearl. When this process occurs naturally, the pearl thus formed is known as a natural pearl. However, when a pearl is formed by inserting a small piece of round bead into the mollusk it is called a cultured pearl. Most of the pearls found today are known as cultured pearls. Cultured pearls are in no way inferior to natural pearls and they can be found in various shapes, sizes and colors. If you are planning to purchase a pearl necklace, then make sure that you make your purchase from a reputable jeweler to avoid getting duped.
Design and Styles of Pearl Necklaces
Choker Style
One of the most classic and elegant design in pearl necklaces is the choker style necklace with a single strand. As the name suggests, the length of a choker style pearl necklace comes up to the collarbones. It is generally made up of round white pearls and it is a single strand necklace. It is a timeless and classic design and it is the perfect jewelry to be worn for a formal dinner party. You can also choose a choker style pearl necklace in pink oval pearls for a more contemporary look. Another popular style in pearl necklace is the matinée style pearl necklace. It is about 20 - 24 inches long. It is best reserved for wearing with casual clothes.
Lariat Style
One of the trendiest pearl necklace design is the lariat style pearl necklace. A lariat style pearl necklace consists of two to three pearls that are suspended from a thin gold or silver chain. A lariat style pearl necklace does not have any clasp and the necklace is fastened by threading one end of the chain through the loop of another. It is a very versatile pearl necklace style and can be teamed with both casual as well as dressy attire.
Rope Style
Another great design in pearl necklaces is the rope style pearl necklace. It consists of pearls strung together to form a long necklace that is about 37 inches long. You can choose from round pearls to small oval pearls in colors ranging from pink, off white to black. These type of rope style pearl necklaces looks great when paired with jumpsuits and maxi dresses.
Multiple Strand Necklace
When you are in search for a modern take of the classic pearl necklace, then you cannot go wrong with the multiple strand pearl necklace. A multiple strand pearl necklace consists of three to six strands of pearls that are of varying lengths. Multiple strands pearl necklaces in pink, gold and white colors look very fetching and elegant. Unique pearl necklaces made by combining pearls with other beads like aquamarine and briolette as well as crystals are also very popular.
These were some of the designs and styles of pearl necklaces that are popular and fashionable. A beautiful pearl necklace is a must have accessory in every woman's jewelry box. A pearl necklace can dress up even the plainest of outfit and make you look elegant and chic.
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