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Pearl Earring Sizes

The price of a pearl earring depends on its size. For this, you need to have basic knowledge about the same. Read the following Fashionhance article to know more.
Fashionhance Staff
From the interesting process of their formation to the charming glow that they possess, pearls have all the characteristics to entice one and all. Pearl jewelry has always been a mark of richness, sophistication, and elegance. When it comes to purchasing a pair of earrings, one needs to pay attention to a lot of things including cost, purity, setting, and size.
Things to Consider Before Buying
Pearls come in various shapes like spherical (round-shaped), baroque (abstract-shaped) and symmetrical (oval-, drop- and button-shaped) pearls. They are measured in millimeter by diameter. As a general rule of thumb, 3mm to 5mm pearls are small, while 6mm to 7mm are of medium size. Pearls that are greater than 7mm are categorized as large sized.
Standard grading system for saltwater, South Sea and Tahitian types of pearls is AAA to A grade, wherein AAA are the highest quality pearls and A means the lowest grade. 5 mm to 7 mm are ideal sizes for girls and young women, while the size ranging between 8 mm to 8.5 mm suit slightly older and business women. For engagement rings and earrings, the size 7 mm to 7.5 mm is ideal.
Size Guide
Here is a chart that explains pearl sizes and their conversion from millimeters to inches. In this chart, sign "≤" denotes less than or equal to and sign "≥" denotes greater than or equal to.
Average Pearl Earring Size Guide
In Millimeters In Inches
2 mm 1/16"
3 mm 3/32"
4 mm 1/8"
5 mm 3/16"
6 mm ≤1/4"
7 mm ≥1/4"
8 mm 5/16"
9 mm ≤3/8"
10 mm ≥3/8"
11 mm 7/16"
12 mm ≤1/2"
13 mm ≥1/2"
14 mm ≤9/16"
15 mm ≤5/8"
16 mm 5/8"
17 mm 11/16"

Based on the size, color, quality, and your budget, you can decide which one you would like to purchase. Common metals that are used for making jewelry sets include, silver, gold, platinum and white gold. Antique jewelry makers also prefer using sterling silver in various antique designs. The average cost of these earrings depend on the size and intricacy of the design that you choose.