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Outfits to Wear With Combat Boots

Tulika Nair Nov 8, 2018
Are you confused about what are the best outfits to wear with combat boots? Well, here is the answer to your problem. Six great outfit ideas that you can try out and flaunt your fashionable self.
When combat boots were first manufactured, no one would have thought that at some point of time in the future, they would become a fashion accessory to die for. Designed for soldiers fighting wars, these boots are rugged and manly but combined with right outfits they can make the perfect fashion statement.
The great thing about wearing combat boots is that they are probably one of the most comfortable footwear to opt for. All you need to ensure is that you pick the right outfits to wear with your pair of combat boots.

Wear Combat Boots...

While for some time now heels have been the last word in sophisticated and stylish footwear, combat boots are now making a slow and steady entry into the arena. They have become the latest trend in footwear to capture the imagination of fashion gurus and fashionistas alike and have become the trendy alternative to wearing six inch high Louboutins.
Stylish, comfortable, and utilitarian, combat boots can be the shoes to wear when you want to make a unique statement of your own. But what do you wear with combat boots? We give you six stylish options for outfits to wear with boots. Have a look...

...with a Dress

Combat boots may not seem like the most obvious choice to wear with dresses but the fact that these two things lie at the opposite ends of the spectrum is what makes them great together. Team your floral dress with a pair of combat boots in a basic color like black and brown and wear a pair of matching leg warmers.

...with Jeggings

Another great outfit to wear with combat boots is a pair of jeggings and a long t-shirt or even a satin top. Top it with a waistcoat and you should be ready to rock the show. Accessorize well with long metallic chains, bangles, and rings. You can also accessorize with a patterned scarf. Fold the combat boots for a more stylish and contemporary look.

...with Harems

Harem pants are a huge trend right now and while they may remind you of MC Hammer videos from the nineties, they can be a great outfit to complement your combat boots. 
Team harem pants in a neutral color like brown or olive green with a plain full sleeved top in black or white tucked in. Accessorize with a broad belt in the same color as the combat boots. When you pick out the harem pants, ensure that they are not the elastic band variety but the ones that can be buttoned up.

...with Denims

If you own a pair of black combat boots, then wear with a pair of light blue denims, and a long asymmetrical top made of flowing fabric. A t-shirt that is two sizes too large can also look great for this look but do ensure that the denims are skin tight. Accessorize with matching metallic chains.

...with Slim-fits

So you thought that combat boots could never be worn to office? How wrong you were because there are perfectly office appropriate outfits that you can team with combat boots. 
A pair of cigarette pants being case in point. Team them up with a frilly, dainty blouse or even a plain white shirt. Accessorizing should be kept to a minimal. Avoid wearing too many chunky accessories and keep the jewelry to a minimum.

...with Cut-offs

Combat boots have always been about the grunge look and the classic look is one of the best ones to try out. Wear your combat boots with a tank top and a pair of denim shorts. Top up the look with a military jacket or a leather jacket. If the weather is a little too cold, then you can opt to wear tights under your shorts to keep yourself warm.
Choosing outfits to wear with combat boots should definitely not be a problem for you anymore. Just choose an outfit idea from the ones given and flaunt this look that is definitely to die for.