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Hot Outfit Ideas to Steal and Look Killer Good in Gray Jeans

Outfit Ideas to Look Good in Gray Jeans
Color always steals the show, and black and white are classics. What remains out of the limelight is gray. A stunning pair of gray jeans is a wardrobe must, b'coz you can flaunt it in varied ways. Check some outfit ideas to look good in gray jeans, in this Fashionhance post.
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Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Quick Tip
Since gray is such a basic color, you can pair your favorite gray jeans with almost any color. The key is to choose the right shade of gray.
Colorful pants are fast becoming a much sought-after bottom wear, but that doesn't mean the neutrals are out of the wardrobe. Black jeans are a quintessential part of any dame or dude's wardrobe, but so should be a neat pair of gray jeans.

Ash-gray, blue-gray, charcoal, platinum, silver, etc., are some shades of gray that look stunning. Whether it is for work or play, gray jeans look swank any day. If you are not comfortable with very light shades, go in for darker ones, or trendy patterned ones. Printed pants are all the rage this year, you can go for them as well.

The right shirt, shoes, and accessories will ensure that your outfit looks stylish. Little things will play a major role. For example, wearing charcoal gray jeans with a black shirt will make your outfit look monotonous, or a white shirt with very light jeans will look drab and boring.

Through this post, we give you some outfit ideas that go well with gray jeans. Pick the ones you like or experiment with something on similar lines. Fortunately, there are hardly any chances of going wrong with gray jeans.
Outfit Ideas for Women
Party Dress
Gray skinny jeans, sexy black stilettos, and a stylish top with some shimmer will make a cool outfit for a party. Don't forget to accessorize right with dangling earrings or a statement neck piece. You can even introduce some color by opting for a coral or red lipstick.
Work Dress
You can wear a nice solid-colored blouse for work. A formal jacket will ensure that you look prim and proper. Go for simple diamond studs or small earrings, and get some much-needed color with killer heels in red. A nice clutch or bag is a must, but stick to black or any other neutral color to let the red stand out.
Casual dress
You don't have to follow many rules when it comes to casual wear. Include bright colors through accessories or shoes to balance out the gray. When wearing a simple white ganji, sport a bright scarf to uplift the look instantly. In winters, all you will need is a nice comfy sweater with bold colors or prints.
Outfit Ideas for Men
Formal clothes for man
When going for a formal look, go for a darker shade of gray. It will give you ample scope with the shirt. A formal jacket or blazer will add that stately touch, and of course the boots are an integral part. You can definitely experiment with the shirt, but very bright colors may not be a good idea.
Casual clothes for man
A simple colored T-shirt looks very good with any gray jeans. You can match the shoes with your shirt or include any other color you like.