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Really Stylish and Comfortable Outfit Ideas Meant for School

Outfit Ideas for School
As teenagers, you may feel the need to wear stylish, elegant and trendy clothes. Sticking to the school's code of conduct and simplicity you can still experiment with your dressing style, keeping up to the latest trends. Decide a comfortable length for your dresses if you are wearing above knee and get ready to rock!
Kritika Parwani
Last Updated: May 30, 2018
Happy Classmates Walking On Road
As students, it is not possible for us to buy new outfits every day. But with a little creativity and style you can make it seem like you are wearing something new daily. All of us should have some basic evergreen styles in wardrobe. So, you can always mix and match to come up with new outfits.
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  • Keep things simple and trendy. Don't wear anything over-the-top. Thesignificant point here is to keep it simple, clean, and elegant.
  • It's great to follow the latest fashion styles, but it is also important to adapt to the trends that suit your body type. Otherwise you will end up looking like a major trend-chaser.
  • Always remember to keep the focal point on one piece of clothing. Do not try to include too many aspects in your outfit.
  • When you are choosing footwear, try colorful trendy sneakers or cute ballerina flat shoes. Opt for shoes that are comfortable, instead of pencil-high heels.
  • Dress up with "confidence". If you don't have it, fake it. When you are not doubting yourself, no one else will doubt you or your fashion sense.
For Girls
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It is tough to be on a fashion budget, when you are a student, but style does not have to be expensive. A stylish jacket, a fancy printed scarf or a colorful muffler and boots are all you need to stand out in the crowd.
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Wear outfits that bring out your personality well, and at the same time keeping one's integrity and respect intact.
An Ensemble of Classy Colors
Do you want to be flooded with compliments? Then try this look - wear colorful pants with a well-fitted top or plain white t-shirt. To accessorize, throw in some colorful, beaded bracelets, a stone ring and a pair of kitten-healed sandals or flat ballerina. This look is all about flaunting colors that complement each other, and that give a stylish appeal.
classic colored shirt
accessorized with scarf
Ruffle up with Suaveness
A colorful tank top with a cute ruffle mini skirt, a watch, a printed scarf and bright-colored boots will definitely get you noticed. If you are not comfortable in a mini skirt, then you can always try a knee-length skirt and complete this look by adding a stylish cardigan to it.
mini skirt and tank top
cardigan on knee - length skirt
The Vintage Look with a Modern Twist
The floral prints have been a sensation since the vintage era and it is favorite even today. Go for a simple, fresh color printed dress and accessorize this look with a watch, a cropped denim jacket, trendy sneakers and some layered bracelets. You can also wear cute necklaces and add a simple hairpiece. There you have a perfect blend of the old and the new.
denim jacket and dress
boots and dress
For Boys
Fashion is not what you follow but what you set, so choose wisely and go for well-fitted, comfortable clothes. Always stock your wardrobe with the basic polo shirts, plain black and white shirts, t-shirts, blue jeans, blazer, trousers, jackets, and black formal and casual shoes.
Simplicity at its Best
plaid shirt with t-shirt
Round-neck shirts are very comfortable and trend-setting styles, team it up with khaki pants. A check shirt worn over a t-shirt also works well for a casual/semi-formal look. Choose those colors that go well with your skin tone.
round neck shirts
A Stripey Affair
Striped T-shirts or crew neck T-shirts look terrific when paired with a good pair of jeans and this look can be completed with ankle-top sneakers. If you are the bold-and-brave kind, try on some neon-colored pants/chinos that come in red, yellow, green, purple, etc., and complete the look with a check shirt or plain t-shirt.
stripe t-shirt
checker shirt
It's All about Comfort
plaid shorts and casual t-shirt
V-neck shirts with short sleeves are comfortable and ideal for casual wear. Team them up with a good pair of plaid shorts, sneakers or flip flops, and complete this look with a stylish watch.
Woman With Little Black Bag
Accessories can make or break an outfit. So keep it simple . You just have to use your creativity and come up with trendy comfortable outfit ideas for school. Try these different combos, and have fun experimenting and creating your own style. Look at the world around you, be inspired, and dare to mix and match.