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Organza Fabric

Little Things That You Didn't Know About Organza Fabric

There are several types of fabrics, and one of them is organza. In this article, we are going to discuss all about it, and how it is made.
Rimlee Bhuyan
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
One of the most used fabrics for creating bridal gowns and haute couture is organza. It is a sheer and slightly stiff fabric that lends itself well for making a variety of high fashion apparels. It also finds increasing use in home interior furnishings, as it gives a soft and romantic look. It is available in many varieties, and some of these fabrics are known from the country of their manufacture. It is generally made with long silk filaments, or a mix of nylon, silk, and polyester blends.
Silk organza is quite expensive, and it is mainly used for high-end bridal gowns. Its stiffness comes from the gums that are present in its silk filaments. For non-silk organza, a finish is applied to make it slightly stiff. Since its weave is quite loose, it results in a distinctive, translucent look.
One of the most prized fabrics is the Chinese organza. It is made exclusively with long silk filaments, and it is not mixed with polyester or nylon. It is an extremely expensive fabric, which is translucent and slightly rigid. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and it is fashioned into many different types of clothing. 
Some of the best ones are made in the Zhejiang province of China. Due to their stiffness, they are extensively used in making garments that require a bit of volume. They are also used in making skirts and voluminous tops. Besides the Chinese type, silk organza is also manufactured in Italy, France, and Turkey. The market for high-quality deluxe silk varieties has greatly increased, since many fashion designers use them for making their garments.
A cheaper variety that is readily available is the Indian organza. It is made by blending nylon or polyester filaments with the silk ones. It is much sturdier than the Chinese and deluxe silk varieties, due to the addition of nylon or polyester filaments. This fabric is easy to sew because of its slight stiffness, and its lightweight and crisp texture. Its fine texture, with a subtle sheen makes it good for home furnishing purposes.
Organza fabric by the yard is generally purchased by designers for making garments. Although it is easy to dye, the dyeing process might cause some minor distortion in its structure. Because of irregularity of twisted yarn or weave, such distortions get highly magnified. These fabrics are produced from highly twisted yarn. The best way to maintain one is to wash it in cold water so that its stiffness is retained.
Machine washing as well as drying it in strong sunlight are not recommended. It is best to dry-clean silk and expensive Chinese varieties so that the color does not bleed, and the fabric retains its stiffness. Organza can be used in making a number of home decor items, as well as fashion garments. Even, silk flowers can be fashioned out of it. Embroidered organza variety is also used in home furnishings like making curtains and drapes.
This fabric has many uses both in home furnishing, as well as in fashion. It can also be purchased in bulk to make curtains, drapes, and tablecloths. It is indeed beautiful, and proper care should be taken to retain its beauty.