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Ways to Style Off the Shoulder Shirts and Grab All the Attention

Off The Shoulder Shirts
One of the most popular clothing options nowadays are off the shoulder shirts. So, wear them this season, become the center of attention, and make a style statement of your own.
Aastha Dogra
Last Updated: Jul 22, 2017
No woman is more attractive to a man than the one who knows how to be sexy in a subtle way. Not even a bikini clad woman can inspire a man's imagination as a woman who dresses up teasingly, revealing a bit of her skin here and there, in the most innocent manner! If you are looking for such outfits in women's clothing, which are sexy, but not overtly so, then off the shoulder shirts are meant just for you!
If you look at the current trends, the 70s and 80s clothing are making a huge comeback this season. One great thing about off shoulder shirts is that they can be worn by women in their twenties, thirties, as well as school and college going young girls, with equal elan. If chosen well and paired with the right pair of women's shoes and lowers, they can make the woman look anything, right from classy to sensual to cute and casual!
If you set out to shop for these tops, you will be surprised to see the kind of designs, styles, and colors available. When it comes to shirts, there are basically two kinds. Ones, which reveal a single shoulder and the others, which reveal both the shoulders.
A Bohemian You...
Amongst all the varieties of this piece of clothing, the long sleeved variants, which come with a tier of frill on top, are perhaps the most popular. If you want to create a trendy, hip look for yourself, pair a white shirt in this style with black shorts and a red hat. The length of the shirt should be such that it almost covers your shorts, leaving just an inch visible. Let your hair fall loose on your bare shoulders. Wear a pair of red sneakers and you will have the most trendiest of looks in your entire college!
A Sexy You...
For a glamorous look, loose tops which end just below the hip, can be worn with a wide black belt. Pair these with black hot pants and high heels, to look sexy, elegant, and classy! Another option is to wear off the shoulder, body hugging, cleavage revealing, elbow length shirt, tucked neatly into a black pencil length skirt. Wear a black bra underneath and make its straps visible over the shoulders, to create a teasing look!
A Feminine You...
For a more feminine, soft look, lacy off shoulder blouses can be teamed up with short skirts. If you are blessed with a flat belly, go in for tops which end above your navel. Pair them up with well-fitting jeans and you are sure to make all heads turn in your direction! If you are slightly on the heavier side, wear a long, dolma sleeved, free-flowing top with a pair of black leggings!
A Trendy You...
For a more casual look, wear large over-sized T-shirts with a beater underneath. In fact, this is one of the best styles for juniors, kids, as well as all young girls and women! The best thing about this casual look is that you can convert any large over-sized T-shirt lying in your wardrobe, into cool, trendy outfits. Here's how to make these for kids and young girls - Take an over sized shirt and turn it inside out. Next, take a pen and draw a line around the neck, in accordance to where you want the neckline to fall. With the help of scissors, cut the T-shirt according to this line. Turn it around and wear it. If it does not fall well on your shoulders, repeat the same procedure and cut some more. That's it! Wear this with a tank top and a pair of cool shorts or jeans to beat the heat, in the coming summer!
As you can see, off the shoulder shirts can make you look cute, feminine, sexy, glamorous, and classy, all at once! This makes them a must-have fashion outfit in your wardrobe. You will find plenty on the Internet or you can make one for yourself at home itself! So the next time you are out with your friends, wear these and hog all the male attention!
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