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Off The Shoulder Dresses

Rohini Mohan Jan 4, 2020
An off shoulder dress can add that distinct touch of glamor and seduction into your persona. Here is why every women must have this dress in her wardrobe.
Off shoulder dresses first made their appearance during the early 1550s in the form of Tudor gowns, which was unlike the modern version of this type of dress. Instead, the Tudor gown had long sleeves that reached till the wrists.
However these sleeves began from the very edge of the shoulders.
This design created quite the stir in the so-called conservative French society, and was initially worn only by aristocratic women who had a taste for high-fashion. Soon enough, this fashion trend spread like wildfire and went on to become a fairly common sight among ladies from all sects of society.
This fashion became mainstream only during the 19th century, when women gained more freedom and security to express their independent and strong personalities through the dresses they wore.
During the 'flower era' or the age of hippies, the off shoulder dress and bell bottoms gained popularity unlike any other period. This is also the time when the mini dress was introduced, and its appeal affected youngsters and adults much like a sonic boom!
Bringing you back to modern times, such dresses are a must-have in every women's wardrobe. Forget about all the stuff you might have read, about only women with specific body type being able to carry this style. Pay no heed to bad rubbish! Here are some designs that are a hot favorite these days.

One Shoulder Off Tops

One huge benefit of these dresses is that they allow the shoulder line to look more slender, than if you were wearing a sleeveless or a halter necked top.
Women who are broad-shouldered or a bit chubby, can try the one shoulder off dress, which have sleeves that cover the elbows on both arms.
Also try plain colors and avoid prints, as the overall effect will give a sleeker and more toned look. Baggy off the shoulder shirts and dress tops also help hide bulges around the abdomen. If you have taper hips, you may try to accessorize the dress with a delicate belt.

Empire Waist Dresses

This design accentuates your chest and it looks good on everybody. It's all about being able to carry it off with confidence and style. These look best in long flowing dress patterns, though you can also try short dresses and tops that have been fashionably tailored.
Kimono-style dresses in plain colors such as gray or black look edgy. Add the stockings and pumps, and you are sure to bring out the diva in you!

Corset Dresses

You may even give corset tops and similar patterns a try as they make your stomach look flatter and accentuate the chest and the shoulders. The corset off shoulder dresses come in a range of lengths, varying from mini to ankle length. You can also try wearing these tops with jeans or short skirts along with broad belts.
The reason why these dresses are so popular is because they make women look attractive and allow them to dress differently every once in a while.