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A Versatile and Vivacious Wardrobe: Types of Cute Party Dresses

Cute Party Dresses
Well, there's no single definition for nice party dresses because the pattern of your dress will depend on the type of the party that you are attending. So we have given you some ideas on dress codes suitable for different occasions. Read on...
Saptakee Sengupta
Last Updated: Dec 10, 2017
Whether it's an office party, a cocktail party, an engagement party or a farewell party, any such occasion can make you think over and again what to wear for the party. You scour through your wardrobe, try your best outfits numerous times, but finally you end up getting confused. If the dresses present in your wardrobe do not suit the occasion, then you should consider spending a little on shopping for the right kind of dress for yourself. Furthermore, the choice of your party dress code will depend upon the nature of the party and its ambiance. Henceforth, you need to think on all these facts before purchasing a party dress.
When it comes to fashion, you have to renounce the typical herd mentality. Your personal taste must complement your comfort zone and your dress must look good on you. Because the dress that you wear to the party and the way you carry yourself will catch everyone's attention, and to avoid feeling awkward in an unconventional get up, you can follow the ideas given forth in this article on nice party dresses.
Cocktail Party Dress
Cocktail parties have set a trend today and they demand something simple yet classy. They are absolutely informal parties and you can experiment a lot with your attire. While speaking of cocktail party dresses, you cannot ignore the Little Black Dress (LBD) introduced by Coco Chanel. Short black dresses exude elegance and are the perfect pick for cocktail parties. Bright colors like red, purple, orange, blue, etc., can be reflected in evening cocktails while muted tones likes pink, peach, olive, white are perfect for afternoon parties. With such dresses you can put on gladiator sandals or kitten heeled strapped sandals. You can choose from the following list of dresses.
  • Sheath dress
  • Pinched frock
  • Short frock
  • Off-shoulder dress
Tea Party Dress
Tea parties are organized every now and then and I'm sure you will have a couple of dresses to wear on such gatherings. Keep your attire simple, excluding gorgeous jewelry and flashing colors. You will look beautiful even if you walk in with a cotton frilled frock along with a French hat. Instead of choosing bright colors, you can select pastel shades for the fabric. You can add neat cuts to your dress for donning a sexy look. Jazz up your dress with embroidery, lace, ribbons, and flowers, and maintain a sporty attitude throughout the party. Wear flat ballerinas with the airy dresses, and keep your makeup completely nude. This carefree look matches up to the ambiance of garden parties.
  • Frilled frock
  • A-line laced dress
  • Backless mini
  • Halter neck dress
Formal Party Dress
Office parties, weddings, corporate dinners and operas are some occasions where you need to dress up formally. At such occasions, you cannot afford to commit any error with your dress code. Designer clothes made from exquisite fabrics like silk, satin and organza should be your choice. Chestnut brown, coffee, black, blue, purple, maroon and crimson red are the colors that would enhance your glamor. Formal party dresses usually maintain a long length and you can select a dress that would match your figure and personality. Don on a pair of high heels or stilettos to look intensely aristocratic. You can keep your makeup bold while attending weddings and operas, while a semi-bright makeup would suit corporate functions and official dinner parties. Some nice party dresses to wear on formal occasions are:
  • Long flowing gown
  • Satin silhouettes
  • Fish cut gown
  • Long frilled gown
Those were the plentiful options that you can add to your wardrobe for different occasions. Your sense of fashion and style will reflect from the dress you don and from the makeup that you apply. You mood will definitely be uplifted when you are satisfied with your attire. Poise a charming personality and let everyone present in the party adore you.
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Graceful woman in classic long cyan dress posing
Lady in pink frilled frock
Beautiful woman in lilac long dress
Smiling woman in purple halter neck dress
Backless mini dress woman
Woman in Off Shoulder Polka Dots Dress
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