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Ideas for Really Nice Dresses Your Kids Will Want to Wear Forever

Rimlee Bhuyan Jun 18, 2019
Shopping for kids dresses can be a bit confusing if you do not know the latest designs and styles. Here we bring to you some of the latest designs and patterns of dresses for kids. Read on...
Fashion is not just for grownups anymore and there are many dress designers who specializes in designing clothes for kids. Young girls like to wear dresses that are chic and stylish and there are many designs of dresses for young kids and pre teens.
Kids generally have strong likes and dislikes and so it is best to take their opinions before buying a dress. When you buy dresses for kids, make sure that they are comfortable to wear and the finish of the closures are well made and sewn.
Metallic zippers and closures of low quality can cause allergic reactions on their delicate skin. As far as possible choose bright cheerful colors for dresses. Sober and more sophisticated colors can be worn once they grow up.

Designs and Styles of Dresses for Kids

Short Ruffle Dress

If you are looking for nice dresses for kids, then a short ruffle dress is one of the best options that you can opt for. A short mid thigh length dress with an empire waist and ruffles at the skirt looks cute on small girls.
You can choose either a sleeveless design or a ruffle dress with flutter sleeves. Short ruffle dresses in fabrics like cotton, linen and cotton blends are great options for the summer. If you are looking for something more dressy, then go for a short ruffle dress with lace and metallic embellishments at the bodice.

Sleeveless Halter Dress

A great option for casual summer wear is a halter dress in a bright color.
A knee length or mid thigh length halter dress with elasticized tie ups at the neck and tiered double ruffles at the skirt is a good option for casual dresses. Choose such girls clothing in fabrics like cotton voile and linen for a comfortable fit.
Patterns like small stars and seashells looks very fetching in such dresses. While selecting a sleeveless dress for your little girl, make sure that the elasticized tie ups are not too tight as they might dig into the skin and cause rashes.

Racerback Tank Dress

If you are looking for something comfortable for your little girl to wear, then you cannot go wrong with a racerback tank dress. It is a very trendy design and your little girl is sure to like it a lot.
A racer back tank dress is essentially an A-line dress without sleeves with a racerback. Choose fabrics like jersey or cotton blend for a comfortable fit. These type of dresses are available in many designs and patterns with nautical stripes and ditsy floral prints being the most popular.

Tiered Dress

A favorite with small girls, tiered dresses makes little girls look cute.
It is simple dress with a fitted bodice and three to four tiers at the skirt. For a special occasion like a birthday or party, you can choose from tiered dresses made in fabrics like organza, silk and chiffon.
Pastel colors like lavender, butterscotch, peach and baby pink will look gorgeous in such dresses. Tiered dresses with piping on the skirt and rosettes on the bodice are also great choices for special occasion dresses for kids.

Drop Waist Dress

A drop waist dress is a dress that has a longer bodice and a shorter skirt. Drop waist dresses are very popular among young girls and they look quite charming too.
Drop waist dresses in fabrics like cotton and linen are good choices for the summer. These type of dresses are also available in fancier versions with lace trimmings and sequin details as well as self tie and side pockets.
Select dresses for kids that have a modern design and which is comfortable to wear. You can even sew such dresses at home, if you have good sewing skills.