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New, Must-know Trends in Eyeglass Frames of 2018

New Eyeglass Frames for 2018
Want to grab an eyeglass frame that is among the best picks of 2018? Just scroll down to find out which frames styles are becoming universally popular.
Fashionhance Staff
Last Updated: Jan 20, 2018
Optician Chooses Glasses
Gone are the days when people who wore eyeglasses were teased. Today, it has become a fad that doesn't seem to be disappearing. Be it prescription or non-prescription eyeglasses, nowadays it all comes down to fashion. So, it's not a big surprise that trendy eyeglass frames have become essential for a glamorous makeover.
Woman Hands With Black Glasses
No matter if you're wearing corrective eyeglasses or using one just for the style element, knowing about the latest trends in the world of eyeglass frames is required. So here's all about new eyeglass frames for 2018 which will help you choose the right option for you.
Frame or No Frame?
Old Glasses
You can see a lot of full framed and a few rimless eyeglasses this season. Half frames are also in, but it's clear that they are not as popular. Most full frames are thick. Although black is an all time hit, this year we can see numerous other shades being used.
Optometrist Fitting Glasses On A Customer
You can go for thin or thick frames with trendy temple patterns widely available for both men and women. Don't forget to checkout the retro glasses which are again a big hit among individuals of all age groups.
Woman Wearing Glasses
Eye Glasses with Trendy Temples
an eyeglass with metal temples
This year, designer and funky temples are predicted to be the most sought after frames. The thick tapering temple style in monochrome is very popular in frames for males. Designer eyeglass frames for women have maximum focus on the temples. Funky metal inlays, dual colored, and patterned temples make the hottest eyeglass frames for ladies. Moreover, classy patterns in monochrome and full frames with heavy temples are already on the shelves and are selling fast!
Retro Eye Wear is Back
a retro eye wear
This fashion style has a tendency to make comebacks. With thin frames, round frames, vintage frames, tortoise shell, square cat's eye frames and more, retro eyewear is too cool to ignore. However, be careful while accessorizing as you don't want to end up looking old-fashioned. Get groovy with 70s' bug-eye glasses or just wear cat-eye glasses to look like a 60s' diva. The antique gold with patterns and the neutral color flat frames is also gaining attention.
Colored Eyeglasses is Still a Thing
a girl wearing a red eye glass
Frame colors are quite happening because color can rightly reflect your personality. So make sure that you choose the very frame, that is as vivacious or cool as you are. This year, you are going to find out a lot of solid colors ruling the eye wear section. If you are ready to sport a glamorous look, then grab the patterned and solid colored frames in shades of sober maroon, flashy purple, hot red, or fancy pink with metallic edges for strong contrast.
Whereas, if you are dressing up in your fanciest outfits, you can't miss out the chance to wear a matching pair of eye wear with frame having designs much similar to your outfits. Plaids, pin stripes and dual colored patterns are hot picks which you can find on the shelves. Eyeglass frame trends of this year have much of that color element which offers endless options for women. Pink, purple, gray, white, lavender, and red are a few of the top choices. However, if you are not comfortable experimenting with color while choosing your eyeglass frame, then you might feel safe opting for gray, brown, and transparent frames with a hint of white or navy blue.
The Trendy Neutral
a girl wearing a white eye glass
White, light crème, light brown, and light pink are colors introduced this year, and by the looks of it, will establish a strong ground in the coming years. The classy neutrals as they are called give you a subtle appeal, and can be adorned by women regardless of their skin tone.
Faded Eyeglass Frames
If one color is not enough for you, then faded eyeglass frames are exactly the type of eye wear you are looking for. These are funky, yet are not over-the-top. They bring out the nostalgia of tie dye era. Moreover, the faded color should accentuate your skin tone and compliment the angles of your lower face. Such frames are easily available with a wayfarer design in the market. Best suited for round and oval shaped faces, faded frames with expressive colors can reflect your vibrant personality.
Futuristic Eyeglasses
a man wearing a styish rectangular frame glass
Although the trend may look like its harking more on a nostalgic note, box edges and smart full frames give a futuristic appeal. People working in technical fields have worn these frames right from the first moment the glasses hit the shelves. Frames with a base color and a metallic stem with trendy temples can be seen all around the corporate world.
Brunette Female With Glasses
Woman Wearing Black White Dress
Closeup Of Woman With Eyeglasses
Businesswoman Using Mobile For Talk
Well, there are a lot of options to explore in the section of prescription and non-prescription eye wear. I am sure that the wide range of options that are available are going to leave you confused while shopping for just one. Just browse through the websites of the best brands and hit the eye wear shops to checkout the latest collection. While you follow the trends, don't forget to purchase a piece that suits you the best. Designer or no-brand, your decision should be based more on comfort rather than funky designs. Make sure that the best quality lenses are fixed in the chosen frame to have a good vision-correction eye wear. Put on the glasses and get set to flaunt your fresh look.