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Types of Nerd Glasses

Saptakee Sengupta Mar 12, 2019
Nerd glasses are geeky, stylish, and are known to mark the revival of fashion during the early 90s. Here are some information regarding these heavy rimmed spectacles.
Imagine Woody Allen, Buddy Holly, and Harold Lloyd, and you will at once get the picture of nerd glasses! The nerds, once symbolized as being 'out of date' and 'stereotypes', were kept aloof from the fashion coevals; however, today their trend and style have flourished so much that people cannot help imitating their typical dressing sense.
More popular as geek style, the nerd glasses have the ability to transform your look completely.
The wide-rimmed spectacles virtually uplift your intellect, and you look more like an old school student. These glasses come as vision correction lenses or people love to wear them merely for the sake of fashio

An Overview

Some popular fashionistas have sported these wide-rimmed, black, square-framed spectacles, and since then the common mass has also adopted it.
This trend circulated from Hollywood beauties, like Demi Moore, Jennifer Love Hewitt, and Scarlett Johansson, who have flaunted these heavy glasses quite casually.
If you surf the television channels and magazines quite frequently, then you would be quite acquainted with George McFly, Joe Jonas, and Josh Hartnett wearing these cool glasses. The shape of the glasses vary. The overall purpose is to make you look like a geek, buried in books, computers, and work.
The variety of frames have made these glasses popular among men and women of all age groups. The most common shapes are square, rectangle, and round.
They resemble the horn-rimmed spectacles that was poised to have a high fashion quotient. Initially, these broad rims were made from tortoise shells and animal horns. People used to find it quite uncomfortable since they were too heavy to wear constantly.
Similar types of frames were crafted from fibers and plastic that were light weight and comfortable. If you buy it from a reputed brand, you won't feel any difference while wearing the specs. With a mix of contemporary clothing and nerd glasses, Johnny Depp has given a different definition to Hollywood fashion.
After knowing the much touted trend of geek eyeglasses, you must be wondering where to buy such glasses. If you are a brand conscious person, then check out the collection of Dolce & Gabana, Chanel, RayBan, Ralph Lauren, and Paul Frank. They have a huge range of collection of these luxurious eye gear.
Today, sunglasses are also designed in the same pattern with colorful lenses fitted in the broad rims. However, the focus is mainly on the thick-framed square glasses which are considered to be the most stylish of all the shapes.
Apart from black frames, you will come across many colorful and fancy patterns popular among the young generation. You can simply pick up the color that will match your apparel.
The nerd glasses are definitely in demand these days, and therefore, you should experiment your look with this fashion accessory. Also, try changing your overall getup that includes your hairstyle and dressing to bring out the geek flair in you.