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Neckline Styles Suiting Your Body Shape to Reveal What's Best

Geeta Dhavale Apr 28, 2019
A perfect neckline not only helps you accentuate your bustline but also gives an overall chic look to your outfit. Read on to know more.
Apparently, 99% of the clothes women try, do not work for them. One of the common reason for this to occur is a wrong neckline. A wrong neckline can spoil your entire look even if the dress is pretty. So choosing outfits with right neck design with reference to the bustline and body type is very essential to make the dress work for you.

Options for Daily Wear


A V-neck fits perfectly for women with a heavy bustline. It can also go very well with women who have broad shoulders, as it creates more depth and shows more of the vertical area of the neck and covering the shoulders.

Boat neck

Boat neck was never out of any fashion trend and is also another all time favorite among women. This neckline style adds the touch of class to your outfit.
It looks perfect on women with medium-sized bustline and broad shoulders. This neckline does not allow you much to flatter your assets and that is why it is a safe bet for those who are always on the move.

Round neck

Round necklines look good on everyone and go with almost all garments, be it tops, sweaters, blouse, frocks, jackets, or T-shirts.
You can look sexy with low and wide round necks or opt for a chic look with high round necks. Whatever it may be, a round neck is sure to dazzle your attire. This is one of the most popular sweater neckline after polo neck.

Square neck

Women with a low bustline should avoid wearing dresses with square necks. This neckline style is ideal for women with heavy and moderate bustlines. Those with any type of shoulders can go for a square neck.

Options for Party Wear

Halter neck

It is one of the most favorite among all the fashion divas and party hoppers. It suits anyone with a low bust line and narrow shoulders. It created the illusion of a fuller bustline. There are many ways you can stitch the halter neck as per your body type.
Women with broad shoulders should avoid wearing halter neck dresses, as it highlights the heaviness of the shoulders. Halter neck dresses can serve as a great club attire.

Empire neck

It is more like a square but a little broader at lower corners, seeming like an A-shape. As the name suggests, this neckline style is perfect for evening gowns and dresses with empire waistlines.
It definitely gives you the elite and classic royal look. It is perfect for heavy women, but women with a low bustline should avoid empire neck, it only accentuates their tiny sides.

Diamond neck

This also is one of the royal necks, that go well with evening gowns and other tea length dresses and frocks. It suits best for those who have narrow shoulders and a low bustline.
This creates the illusion of wider shoulders and fuller breasts. Of course, heavy women should avoid dresses with this neckline style. It is one of the favorites of all the fashion designers.

Bustier and Corsets

These are perfect for a well-toned upper body. They can go well with tops as well as gowns and frocks. But make sure you have soft and glowing skin before you go for corsets.
They concentrate all the attention on the shoulders and busts, so play it safe when you go for bustier and corsets. They definitely make you look hot and sexy provided you carry them with confidence and ease.