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Elegant Necklace Designs Perfectly Suitable for Different Necklines

Necklace Designs Suitable for Different Necklines
Every neckline has a soulmate; that one neckpiece that makes it complete. But in the humdrum of daily life, these soulmates get separated time and again, resulting in some bizarre combinations that don't really make sense. Fashionhance tells you how you can help your neckline find its most compatible partner.
Sujata Iyer
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
The kind of work on your clothes can help you decide on the simplicity or complexity of your neckpiece. For instance, if your dress has beads and stones, you can tone it down with something simple.
Women have been wearing jewelry since forever. And there's one piece of jewelry that has stood every possible test, whether of time, style, or versatility. It is the necklace. With every passing era, the fashion world is flooded with so many varied designs that one can only gawk in awe. For every different neckline that hits the world of style, there's an equally compelling necklace design vying to be worn with it. And you know who benefits the most because of this wonderfully healthy competition of sorts? It's the women of the world. They get to experiment with so many fabulous necklaces and necklines. But sometimes, this experimentation can take a toll on the balance of the entire outfit. You may wear the perfect dress, the perfect shoes, and carry the perfect bag, but wear an unflattering necklace and suddenly your style quotient plummets to a level that may not be easy to recover from. To avoid such sartorial mishaps, Fashionhance has put together an illustrated guide on pairing necklaces with different necklines.

*These are in no way all the necklines and necklace options there are, neither are they the only ones that can be worn.
Neckline: Round
Necklace for round neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Round

Why So: A neckline as traditional as a round doesn't really give you much room to experiment. It does, however, offer you the opportunity to wear that one classic necklace design: a round one. A single strand, multiple strands, or whatever suits your fancy will work with a round neckline. For a low neck, wearing a longer and deeper round necklace will do the trick, and vice versa.
Neckline: V
Necklace for V neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: V-shaped

Why So: Another classic neckline: the V. While there are more than one necklace patterns that can complement a V-neck, it is its namesake that will truly accentuate its beauty the most perfectly. Yes, the perfect match for a v-shaped neckline is a v-shaped necklace that drops into the V of the neckline. You can even opt for something funky like a round strand at the top, followed by plunging v-shaped strands.
Neckline: Halter
Necklace for halter neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Plunging (beads or stones)

Why So: We know what you're thinking. Won't a necklace crowd a neckline like the halter? We thought so too. But we stand humbly corrected. We realized that even though your neck will already be highlighted with a halter, a slightly plunging necklace with beads or stones will give it a touch of glamor and style that an all-bare look just can't. Which is why we recommend something like the necklace shown here to pair with a halter.
Neckline: Cowl
Necklace for cowl neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Thin and Dainty

Why So: Think a cowl neck won't be able to handle a necklace? Think again. It's true that the neckline is elaborate in itself, but a little dainty pendant never hurt anybody, did it? A classic, dainty pendant is just what the fashion gurus ordered to balance out the heaviness (for lack of a better word) of a cowl neck. Try it. You'll love it.
Neckline: Boat
Necklace for boat neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Plain or Statement

Why So: A boat neck is meant to make your shoulders do the talking. But does that mean a necklace has no place in an outfit with a boat neck? Au contraire, the perfect way to glam up an otherwise simplistic boat neck is to play with something simple and elegant (read: thin chain) or something truly extravagant like a bold, statement neckpiece. The choice should depend on the formality of the occasion that you're wearing it to.
Neckline: Scoop
Necklace for scoop neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Chunky

Why So: A scoop neckline, considered the naughty big sister of the round neck, can be very easy to accessorize. All you need is something that highlights the curve of the neckline, without concealing it completely. So, when we say chunky, we don't mean something that will cover the neck completely, but something that will enhance the neckline by giving just glimpses of bare neck through the erm ... chunks?
Neckline: Turtleneck
Necklace for turtleneck
Best Suited Necklace Design: Long and Beaded

Why So: You know, a lot of the necklace designs suggested here can be a bit iffy when it comes to pairing with the neckline. But with a turtleneck, there simply cannot be a better-suited necklace than a long string of beads. The high and closed pattern of the neckline automatically denies the use of any other kind of necklace. So, there can hardly be two ways about it, can there?
Neckline: Square
Necklace for square neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Choker or Round

Why So: The best part about a square neck is that it allows for a flattering show of skin, but the downside is that it can look a little too angular for some people's taste. Solve this little conundrum by pairing this block neckline with a round necklace or a choker to balance out the rigidity.
Neckline: Sweetheart
Necklace for sweetheart neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Beaded Choker

Why So: Agreed that a neckline as graceful as a sweetheart may seem perfect when paired with something equally graceful like, say, a classic chain with a pendant. But remember that experimentation that we keep talking about? Try it with a sweetheart neckline. Something sassy like a beaded choker will give it just the right amount of oomph, without taking away from the contours of the neckline.
Neckline: Strapless
Necklace for strapless neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Choker

Why So: Here's a neckline that's all about flaunting that gorgeous neck. No one can deny that a choker is the most flattering neckpiece design to highlight a strapless top or dress. There are other strong contenders as well, like a bib necklace or even a beaded choker or a single chain, but a simplistic choker definitely takes the cake.
Neckline: Crew
Necklace for crew neckline
Best Suited Necklace Design: Longish and Round

Why So: Again, a neckline that most will argue is best left alone, without the bother of a necklace. We say, give the otherwise not-so-feminine neckline a girly touch with a longish round necklace (not an ornate bib). Simplicity is the key to pulling off a necklace with a crew neck because anything too ornate or elaborate is going to come off as trying too hard. So, keep it simple but girly.
Neckline: Collar
Necklace for collared top
Best Suited Necklace Design: Statement Pendant

Why So: A collared dress or top will most probably be worn to a semi-formal event. In keeping with this tone, trying something over-the-top is definitely not recommended. But that doesn't mean you can't have some fun. Instead of going bold and chunky in your entire necklace, opt for a simple chain but a loud statement pendant. Wear it beneath or on top of your shirt/dress depending on what you find more comfortable.
Apart from the neckline, the fabric of the clothing will also help you understand the style of necklace that you can team to complete your outfit. If it's heavy fabric, opt for something lighter around your neck to balance it, and for a plain Jane outfit, an extravagant neckpiece will work wonders. You can also take a cue from the kind of event or occasion you're going to. For formal events, it would do you good to stick to the conventional neckline-necklace combinations, while for a casual outing, you can dabble in a bit of creative experimentation.