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All You Needed to Know About Mirrored Contact Lenses

Loveleena Rajeev Oct 23, 2018
Using mirrored contact lenses is a perfect way to reflect your unusual and unique self.
A contact lens is used for corrective, therapeutic, and cosmetic purpose, and placed on the cornea of the eye. They are lightweight and nearly invisible.
Infact, most of the commercial ones are tinted blue to make them visible, while cleaning and storing in solutions. Different-colored/mirrored ones are also available to give the illusion of colored eyes.

Vital Information

Mirrored lenses are more specialized than the average-colored ones, as their display is more striking and stunning. Advanced technology makes them more eerie or funky, and also protects the eyes from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays and dust.
They are opaque and reflective in nature; which means any image coming in front of them is mirrored quite clearly on their shiny surface, hence the name.These special effects are solely used for cosmetic reasons and have no corrective value.
However, a prescription from an optometrist is needed, as they are considered to be medical devices. They are available in a variety of colors and types to suit all fashion requirements. Here are some of the popular types, and one of them is also explained.


Scary color

Interview with the Vampire

  • Mirror-Tinted
  • White glow in the dark
  • Zombie
  • Pitch black
  • Hydron Zero Six-colored
  • Wacky

Pitch Black

This type is popular because of the horror and theatrical quotient they add to the eyes of the person wearing them. The need for such lenses arose due to the supernatural and evil scenes in movies and stage dramas.
Their use leaves an unforgettable impression in the minds on the audience. The pitch black contacts are the current favorite, especially of the Hollywood crowd, which has helped in adding more allure to it.
Actor Vin Diesel wore the pitch black ones in his movie Pitch Black, and this has further popularized its use to create illusions, entertainment, or sometimes, the youngsters simply want to emulate their favorite stars.

Care and Precaution

People using contacts often face complications associated with the eyelid, cornea, conjunctiva (white part of the eye), and the tear film that covers the outer surface of the eye. A few precautionary measures are listed here.

>>Eyes are extremely sensitive and can get affected easily. Always wash and dry your hands thoroughly before touching the lens. Make sure your soap is free of allergens that could irritate the eye.
>>Dry fingers are important because of the imprint they could leave on your contacts.
>>Mirrored contact lenses should be worn for shorter period, as extended wear can damage the eye.
>>It's always advisable to remove your contacts before going to bed.
>>After every wear, always clean your lenses with cleaning solution, and don't forget to clean its case.
>>Never wear damaged ones, and avoid sharing them with others.
>>Any discomfort felt in the eye should be treated after consulting an optometrist.
So, go out there with these lenses on, and see the compliments flow!