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Innovative Ideas to Choose Masquerade Dresses for Sweet 16

Tulika Nair Jan 9, 2019
If you are unable to decide how to buy a masquerade dress for your sweet 16, just tap through and your decision-making will be a lot easier.
A teenager's 16th birthday is her most important day of life. It marks the period of transition between childhood and adulthood. For any teen, throwing a sixteenth birthday party is a matter of prime importance. This party decides how their peers look at them and so, organizing such a party and choosing the most innovative ideas is a task.

Asymmetrical Dress

One of the most important things to decide is the party theme. A theme that is unique and that you can decide on is the masquerade theme. If you have decided to organize a masquerade party for your kid's sixteenth birthday, you will also need to think of how to organize the dresses for the party.

Choosing Masquerade Dresses for the 16th Birthday


The foremost thing to do is, sit down with the birthday girl, and decide on the theme that she wants for the masquerade party. While deciding on the ideas, it is important to choose a specific theme from the several options available. Some of these are Phantom of the Opera, Romeo and Juliet, Medieval Masquerade Ball, Pride and Prejudice, and Mardi Gras.

Phantom of the Opera theme

The dresses you choose will depend greatly on the theme. For a Phantom of the Opera theme, it is important that your dress color be in the black family or darker shades of blue. A black rose brooch, black rose garland for your hair, and silver-gray accessories can complete the look.

Pride and Prejudice theme

On the other hand, if you choose to go with the Pride and Prejudice theme, opt for costumes in shades of pink, aqua, white and green. Accentuate with traditional elements, like, a high collar, a corseted top, etc. You can choose costumes and masks from an Italian masquerade theme as well.

Red and Black: Popular Combination

Instead of choosing a specific theme for the party, you can specify a color combination for the dress. Some popular combinations are black and silver, purple, Bird of paradise colors, white and red or red and black. Choosing the right color combination can make your party dazzling granting you with many photo sessions that will give you memories for life.

Color Co-ordinated Dresses Party

Once you have the theme decided, it is time to decide on the style and pattern of the dresses. While choosing masquerade fashions for sweet 16, make the decision about whether you want to opt for the traditional style or pattern, or you want to give a contemporary twist to the dress.
If you are getting the dress stitched, then you could ask your seamstress to make the modifications you want, but in case you are renting the dress, then use accessories to give that twist to the dress that you are wearing. Outlets have particular dresses for prom, which may not necessarily suit your theme, but can be easily adapted to the occasion at hand.
The most important features of masquerade dresses and parties is a face mask. While some hosts prefer to provide their guests with masks or some ask their guests to bring along their own.
But, as a host, always remember to have some masks at the front door for those of your guests, who have forgotten to get masks.
Somehow, masquerade themed parties work much better as party ideas for girls than for guys, because they have a wide variety of dresses to choose from. For guys, such a party usually means donning a tuxedo.
Remember that for a lot of guests, renting a dress just for a party may be an expensive affair. In such a scenario, remember to specify a proper dress code, and give them the option of modifying the dresses they already have. So go ahead and organize the party, and have a lot of fun.