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How to Tailor your Own Superhero Costume

How to Tailor Your Own Superhero Costume in 6 Easy Steps

Thanks to the umpteen number of comic books, like DC Comics and Marvel Comics, almost every kid was in awe of the superheros. We either wanted to be a Superman, Batman, Spider-Man, or Wonder Woman. So, here's revisiting that childhood madness in this Fashionhance post which will give you information on how to tailor your own superhero costume.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Remember Christopher Reeve or even for that matter, that spoof on Spiderman? It is none other than that crazy, wacky, and hilarious movie called 'Superhero Movie'. In that movie, the main character, Rick Riker, gets bitten by a dragonfly, on the contrary to the original, where Peter Parker gets bitten by a spider. So Rick, with his ingenuity comes up with an extremely idiotic and silly dragonfly costume. But you do not want to be laughed at, do you? So, what you want is a very innovative yet, a plausible and an impressive costume.
Making a Superhero Costume
Step #1
First of all, you need to get a hold of spandex. Remember that all superheroes need to do ultra chic and daring stunts. So, they need to wear spandex which will enable them to move freely; and the skin-tight stretchy stuff helps. When you go for the costume base, either you would need a leotard, unitard, or stretchy spandex t-shirt or bike shorts over leggings.
Step #2
The second order of business will be the cape. All you need is a rectangle- or oval-shaped piece of cloth that is easy to drape around the shoulders. The cape can be ready-made or you can make it yourselves using a colored bed sheet.
Step #3
The next thing you do is, fix upon a headgear. A tiara or mask for hiding your identity would be a good idea. Or how about a helmet? Well, you can also wear a wig if at all you visualize yourselves as a superhero with long tresses. And the good part about long tresses is that these can be found on both female and male superheroes.
Step #4
Now, we are gradually going towards the footwear. Choose some super footwear. This is traditional for females as well as males, and if you think you would be walking a lot, chuck the super spiked heels for a pair of good old flats.
Step #5
Are you crazy about a lasso, a la Wonder Woman? Or are you going to be fine with a nice sword or a jazzy batman-esque tool belt? You could be a super plumber with a pipe wrench of destiny or super cook with a chopper of Evil!
Step #6
Do not strut your superhero stuff at night sans a flashlight. On a dark costume, a well-placed reflective tape would not go unnoticed. You surely do not want to end up putting yourself in trouble rather than portraying that you are there to awe the world! Even Iron Man would not be happy at this proposition!
These were a few pointers to help you out. So, unleash your powers and floor everyone! And do not forget to have somebody say this line to you - 'With great power comes great responsibility'!
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