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This is How Even You Can Look Really Good in Shorts

Look Good in Shorts
Ah! To wear shorts and look good in them? Everyone wants that. It is THE clothing to sport this season, and finally comes in enough number of styles to suit every body type. In this article, we tell how you can sport this fashion world darling with panache.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Jul 21, 2017
There is something about a woman showing off her legs in a pair of shorts. It can make most men go crazy and most women go green with envy. They are also the current darling of the fashion industry. We know that there is a nip in the air, and that winters are not the best time to sport shorts but they can look adorable if termed with the right protective clothing. Also, most of us really aren't brave enough to ignore fashion gurus and their diktats. How do you ensure that you look good in them, though? Well, first and foremost remember to choose a pair that suits your body type. Once you are sure about the type of shorts you can wear, there is no obstacle that can stop you from putting your best foot forward in this current fashion trend.
How to Wear Shorts Well
Very obviously there is no mold in which women are created, and we are all very different. In fact speak to any woman and you are sure to hear at least one complaint about what they do not like about their body and looks. But all of us (and I mean, all of us), want to follow the latest fashion trend on the ramp. So, if you want to wear shorts, it is imperative to understand which pair will suit your body shape, and should be an essential in your wardrobe.
Are you a petite women with short legs? Well, the best pair of shorts for your body type would be short shorts. Choose shorts that are close fitting and well, tiny. Look for shorts that are structured and in a fabric that falls well. Stay away from loose, big shorts. These will make you look like your legs have been eaten up by a hole and make you seem shorter than you already are. For petite women, it may be a good idea to wear heels.
A pear-shaped woman needs to divert attention from the lower half of her body which tends to be larger. In a pair of shorts, this could be difficult but it is definitely not impossible. Discard any pair that are wide at the bottom or have big cuffs. These generally attract attention. Choose shorts that are structured, and slightly tapered to the end. Also it would be a good idea to stick to darker colors. That does not mean that your wardrobe should be cluttered with colors like black and brown. Choose shades that create a congruent visual line with your skin tone. Also as with petite women, it is important that you create an illusion of length. So wear heels.
Most women who are apple-shaped have great legs. Use this to your advantage. Flaunt your legs in tiny shorts with a comfortable, flowing top. You are one of those lucky few who can carry off printed shorts. For a woman who has a straight body which is hardly curvaceous, the best way to go would be to opt for pantaloons. These create an illusion of curves, so that can be a great thing to opt for. Again women with this type of a figure have a great, athletic body which is tailor-made for shorts. For any woman who has a slight tummy, it would be a good idea to wear a pair that has a flat front which will conceal the tummy. Do not opt for a pair of high-waisted shorts. Avoid any accessory that will draw attention to your waistline.
Accentuating Your Legs in Shorts
So, you now know which shorts will suit your body type but how do you make your legs look great in them? Well, frankly there is no shortcut. You will need to hit the gym to tone those legs, and you will definitely need to switch to foods that are healthier. But there are some other tricks that can accentuate your pins.
  • As fake as they are, to flaunt your legs in a pair of shorts, packaged tanners are your best friends. They make your legs look much thinner than they are, and add that bit of sun-kissed glow.
  • Bid farewell to the flip-flops in your wardrobe. Heels and wedges are a must have, if you have always wanted those never-ending legs.
  • Wear a top that is eye-catching and flowing. Alternatively opt to carry a bag that is a showstopper, or wear beads that are the cynosure of your outfit.
  • Proper posture is very important. Walk straight, walk tall, and completely avoid slouching. It will only make you look shorter.
  • If you are wearing shorts in the winters, then team them with tights or sheer stockings. Team it up with ankle-high boots. Choose designs like plaid which are winter mainstays.
Shorts are cute but absolutely scary to wear because of the constant, niggling fear that you will look horrible in them. It is easy to look great in shorts as long as you don the right pair, accessorize well, and wear it with confidence.
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