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How to Look Good and Literally Smoking Hot at the Beach

Ratnashri Dutta Apr 29, 2019
Summer is here, you are heading to the beach, and you want to look good. But you don't know how. Read on to know some tips about how to impress others while on a beach.
Since you are spending most of your time at the beach this summer, there are various ways in which you can look good, even in T- shirts and shorts or in a swimsuit. Just follow the tips given here and don't be surprised by the admiring looks that you get the next time you are at the beach.

Be Happy With What You Have

Okay, so you are still busy burning the calories you picked up in spring. You may not quite have the hourglass figure that you would have loved, but do not be shy.
You cannot change it overnight, can you? So be confident with what you have and proud of what you have got. If you are confident, nothing anyone says will ever affect you.

Color That Suits You

While choosing a swimsuit, make sure that you choose a color that suits you and your skin tone. If you have pale skin, then it is best to go in for pastel shades. Dark-skinned people should go in for colors like lime green or electric blue. Other colors that you can look into are lemon yellow, black or white.

Get a Tan

Instead of envying the beautiful tan of others, go get a tan yourself. Apply some sunscreen lotion on your body, and soak in the sun the next time you are at the beach. Nothing looks better than a healthy tan.

Light Makeup

For girls, see to it that you apply as minimal makeup as possible. Use a proper SPF moisturizer, apply some waterproof makeup so that it doesn't run off when you are in the water.
You can tie back your hair with a bright and colorful scrunchy. You can also get the beach hair look with damp hair, or just leave some loose curls around your face.

Proper Accessories

Grab some colorful flip flops--the brighter the better. When it comes to your beach bag, choose something that is bright and colorful, and big enough to hold all your makeup items and clothes.
Choose a nice pair of sunglasses that will protect your eyes from the sun, and at the same time make you look cool. Girls, you can also use shell necklaces for a more beach-like look.
Well, there you have it, some tips which are sure to make you look good at the beach. Just follow them and have a whole lot of confidence in you, and you are bound to get some good attention. Dress well and act well--that's all you need.