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Leather Motorcycle Jackets

Kashmira Lad Nov 20, 2018
It's not just the snazzy bikes but also the jackets that play an important role in any biker's life. A blazing ride on the highway is never complete without a leather jacket.
Marlon Brando started the rebel culture when he starred in 'The Wild One'. And when we talk about culture we mean inspiring a whole bunch of cool wannabes who donned the leather jacket and rebelled, albeit without a cause.
Stylish ones combined with uber-cool Harley-Davidsons became a regular feature on highways. Hip bikes, premium jackets paired with Levi's jeans, chunky silver jewelry, and tattooed bodies were proudly displayed at all prominent eating joints and pubs.
Motorcycle clothing gear consists mainly of the helmet, the leather pants, jackets, and boots. Worn either for protection or to make a fashion statement, these jackets have always been an important factor for any hard-core biker. This item is popular not just with the males but female gangs as well.
Although the main aim of motorcycle riding gear has always been to shield the driver, this piece has found so many takers only to obtain a pure 'biker-look'.


The 'grain' of the leather is of utmost importance. It has to have the best fiber strength for better durability and greater comfort. Finished split, full-grain (also known as naked leather), and top grain leather are some of the types used to craft a motorcycle jacket.
The full-grain is the most preferred and also the most expensive. It requires a meticulous process, which results in some of the finest hides being used for the jackets.

Favored Designs

● The most common variety is zippered and multi-pocketed ones, with padding on the shoulders and elbows, chest and back. Lots of pocket space with good protection from the weather is the basic utility for any jacket.
●  Waterproof ones, though known to protect you from the rain, cannot really replace practical rain gear. The thickness of the jacket should be considered before you make this important purchase.
●  There are many designs available that are modeled after rock star, Jon Bon Jovi and emulate his style for all aspiring rockers or maybe even bikers! This one comes with full-sleeve quilted lining, loads of accessories, zippers, and buttons down the front and a modest belt.
●  The classic motorcycle leather jacket comes with a full sleeve zip out quilted lining and is subtle in its looks. The buttons and zippers are hidden and give a very neat and clean appearance without all the fuss and frills!
●  Another classic variety is available with front and back vents. This helps to facilitate the airflow. The front and back showcases leather braids.

●  There are also those that feature mini-bead emblems on the shoulder blades. Combined with leather fringes and front lap pockets, this sure becomes a unique piece to own.
●  The ladies are not left far behind. They can flaunt the biker look with some of the hottest designs available today. Features include snap down collars that can run down to the waist with multi pockets on the exteriors as well as the interiors. Padding for the sleeves and also the back is required for added protection.
●  The ladies can also take their pick from the retro style of jackets available. These are made from retro brown leather with front and back braids, elastic sides, and studded belts are an instant hit with the gals yearning for adventure.
●  You can even get a custom-made jacket. Whatever the design, choose one that best displays your character!
Once you have found your match, it's time you hit the roads with the mean machines and be a true highway star.