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How to Choose the Perfect Leather Cuff Bracelets for Women

Medha Godbole Oct 23, 2018
Nowadays with the fairer sex getting bolder, leather cuff bracelets are getting increasingly popular. The following passages elucidate more information on the same.
Leather is a symbol of ultimate elegance and affluence. Pure leather is nothing but 'rich'. Isn't it the reason why we go for pure leather bags and shoes? There is nothing more sexier and eye catchy than a jacket made of this exquisite material.
In connection with its apparel and accessories, there is one more thing which has caught the attention of both guys and girls- leather cuffs.

Leather Cuffs as Jewelry

When it comes to leather bracelets, the most common and well-known are the cuffed ones and the thin and braided ones. They are called wristlets. Often a buckle or a snap is used to secure them.
Those who are looking to put in a style quotient to these plain bracelets always have an option of adorning them with studs, trinkets, or any other type of artwork. The advantage though, with the braided one is that it can either be tied or snapped together at the end.
It comes in an array of varieties from a thin cuff to a wide and intimidating swatch with a silver collar. Woven bracelets, too, are available for those who want something exquisite. By default, the most common colors used for them are brown and black, but literally, sky is the limit!
To tell you more about the adornment of these bracelets, it actually depends upon the type. For instance, if it is a thick black and a very typical one, studs and slightly prominent embellishments that go very well. However, these are worn by the hippy and punk crowd.
There are other options in cuffs for women- braided leather. It is a more subtle and elegant option if you do not want to be too much in the face.
The thin ones can be decorated by using dainty metallic charms which are either woven throughout or dangle from the leather. With all these things no wonder these are fast becoming a part of fashion accessories for teens.

Matching with the Attire

While describing about these type of cuffs for women, wrist size is very important. My dear ladies, if it does not fit you well, how would you be able to flaunt it in full monty? The first thing therefore before you think of matching it with your outfit is to make sure that it is the right size.
If you want a casual look, a band of around 0.5 inches wide will be perfect. On the contrary, if you want to create a bolder look, go for a band which is 1 to 1.5 inches wide.It should neither be a snug fit nor it should be too loose. A slight movement of the bracelet can gives a nice appearance.
A bit bigger cuff is also great to make your arms look slender. When you want to match it with your apparel, a good idea is to match thick cuffs with chunky shoes or a thick belt. If you do not have exactly slender and perfect fingers, choosing a narrow and a thin cuff can go well.
They can also be paired with shoes with buckles and slight bit of embellishment. For instance, if you have sandals with buckles on top, you can team it up with a similar leather cuff. You don't need any other accessories, a pair of simple blue denims and a white shirt will look simply ravishing.
Add to it, a fabulous bag and you are set to get a few appreciating glances! These bracelets are a great way to spike up your attire. However, make sure you don't go overboard! Go get it girl!