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Lab Created Diamond Rings

Advantages of Lab Created Diamond Rings Over the Natural Ones

If you are looking for diamond jewelry for an impending occasion, then why not go for lab created diamond rings? Though these are not extracted from under the earth's surface, they give you the same sparkle as their natural cousins. Here we give you some advantages of lab created diamond rings.
Madhurjya Bhattacharyya
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
Created by geological processes over thousands of years, natural diamonds have been in high demand. However, the demand of diamond jewelry, be it rings or pendants, has increased to such an extent that it has compelled people to look for alternatives to natural diamonds. This has led researchers to create diamonds in the laboratory, under similar atmospheric conditions as that of natural diamonds. Lab created diamond rings have become popular in the recent past, and is a cost-effective option to real ones. They have the same properties as that of the natural ones.
It was in 1954 that diamonds were first created by General Electric in the lab, wherein carbon was subjected to 400 tons of pressure to create these valuable stones. The cost of the process to create lab created diamonds is incredibly high, mainly due to the high consumption of electricity. The last few years have seen an increasing demand for lab created diamond jewelry and the following paragraphs would give you an idea of the reasons behind that.
Diamond Jewelry Created in the Lab
Lab created diamond engagement rings have become popular of late not only because they are priced less compared to natural diamonds, but they give the same glow as those of natural diamonds. Besides that the quality of lab created diamonds and natural diamonds is similar if not superior. In a lab created diamond it's possible to change the clarity and hardness of these stones. Moreover, there are several natural diamonds which are treated in the laboratory so as to change their appearance. Due to their similar appearance, it's very difficult to tell the difference between lab created diamonds and natural diamonds, even for a seasoned jeweler. It's very unlikely that your near and dear ones will see the difference if an experienced person can't do that, so you can safely use these diamonds without anyone realizing it.
There are some diamond jewelry which are marketed as best lab created diamond, but in reality they are not. These are in reality fake diamonds, they look similar to real ones, but are actually diamond simulants also called synthetic diamonds. Moissanite and cubic zirconia are some of the common diamond simulants which are most commonly found in the market. If you want to distinguish between lab created diamonds and diamond simulants, you can do it by carrying out a simple test. You can take the diamond and let sunlight reflect through it. A lab created diamond would reflect more light than a diamond simulant. Alternatively, you can opt to take the diamond to a jeweler, who would look through his loupe and tell you the difference. Cubic zirconia is actually made of synthetic substances which are visible under a special magnifying glass available with a jeweler.
There are several reasons for the growing demand for lab created diamond rings. In the past when there was no means of creating lab created diamonds, a lot of people went for natural diamonds. The diamond mining companies in turn created an artificial demand by selling less than mined, which in turn inflated prices. Due to the high prices of natural diamonds, people have been looking for alternatives. And when an alternative in the form of lab created diamonds have arrived, its demand has increased manifold.
As compared to natural diamonds, lab created diamonds don't harm the environment. Natural diamonds, as they are mined from under the surface of the earth, cause a lot of environmental hazards. On the other hand for lab created diamonds, there's no question of environmental hazards, as they are not mined from under the earth.
So, there are several advantages of using lab created diamond rings. These diamond rings seem real and there is no distinguishing feature as such which can be seen by the naked eye, unlike diamond simulants.