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How to Wear Knee-high Socks

Knee-high socks are a must-have accessory this winter season. Read on to know more about pulling off the perfect look with them...
Aastha Dogra Dec 21, 2019
If you think socks are worn just to save yourself from the burgeoning cold, then you are probably not up to date on fashion trends. Check out any fashion magazine, and you will find models and celebrities flaunting the school-girl look, appropriately enhanced by these trendy socks.

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This is one fashion accessory that any woman who has the right attitude, confidence, and age by her side can successfully pull off and stand out from the crowd!


These socks are available in 2 styles. The first, ends an inch or so below the knees. The second one goes slightly above the knee. The latter are also known as over-the-knee socks. Don't confuse them with thigh-high socks, though; they go well up to the middle of the thigh.


These socks are available in a variety of materials, such as wool, cotton, silk, acrylic, nylon, and spandex.
The knitted ones are comparatively more costly than the others, but are great to be worn under pants or boots to protect yourself from the cold. As for the other varieties, they are worn more as an embellishment or accessory to accentuate the look!

Designs and Colors

Out of all the designs, striped ones are perhaps the most popular. There are multicolored as well as two-tone stripes.
The two-tone variety generally accentuates a stark contrast between the two shades. Thin stripes can make the legs look bulky, and should be avoided by women who are slightly on the heavier side.
Bold patterns of stripes look flattering on all women when worn with the appropriate clothing and shoes.
Argyle knee-high socks, i.e., socks with multicolored diamonds on them, are another popular choice. Some of the most sought-after designs are floral, dotted, stars, and plain.
If you want to look funky, chic, and whimsical, there are crazy socks, usually with a bold background and some unusual patterns, like fire, paws, zebra stripes, etc., on them.
As for colors, you will find the regular white, black, gray, and brown, to be worn to the office, as well as the bright, attention-grabbing pink, purple, green, etc.

Matching Outfits and Shoes

To get the right look, you need to be very careful with your selection of shoes and clothing. They look the best when worn with a mini skirt. Another outfit that goes very well with them is a one-piece short dress.
Wearing shorts is a big no-no, as it can make you look very masculine (unless that's the look you were going for). They can also be worn under pants, but then you would not be able to show them off!
If your clothes are brightly colored, see to it that your socks are somewhat subdued. If your socks are bright, the outfit should be of light, subtle shades. Always maintain this contrast, otherwise the socks would add nothing to your overall look.
As for the shoes, opt for only those that you can wear in winters. So slippers, sandals, peep-toed ones, etc., are absolutely out. Pumps, ankle-high boots, sneakers, brogues, Mary Jane shoes, and knee-high boots pair up well with these socks.
Wear dark socks to make your legs appear slimmer. You can even wear them in place of tights under long skirts! If you keep all these tips in mind, you can easily pull off a chic and stylish look this winter.