Jeans Size Charts for Men, Women, and Kids You Need to Bookmark Now

A jeans size chart helps men, women and children when it comes to choosing the perfect pair of jeans. This Buzzle article gives you these charts in detail to aid your next denim purchase.
Piled-up blue jeans
Jeans or 'denims' are very popular with people of all ages and sexes. They are an eternal part of everyone's closet, which is incomplete without a pair of jeans. Jeans have been around since the 1850s. They started out as clothing for men and women and became immensely popular with the teens since 1950s. They have been a part of casual clothing since decades. Such has been the history of blue jeans. Blue jeans and white shirt is the most common and the most wonderful combination that can never go out of fashion. There are so many clothing brands that make jeans, that there is an amazing variety to choose from. However, all these brands have their own sizes. It is not necessary that the sizes of two brands are the same. Moreover, these manufacturers are spread all over the world and make their jeans using different methods for measurements.

A jeans size chart indicates the different sizes of jeans that will fit the person according to his/her waist, hip and lower waist size. Mentioned below are the various jeans size charts for men, women, and kids to help them chose the right pair that is an integral part of their wardrobe.

Jeans Size Chart for Women

Jeans Size Chart for American Women
Waist in inches343331.530.528.527.526.525.524.524
Lower Waist in inches363533.532.530.529.528.527.526.526
Hips in inches4543.54240.5393837363534.5

Jeans Size Chart for Men

Jeans Size Chart for American Men
In Seam32323232323232323232

Jeans Size Chart for Juniors

Jeans Size Chart for American Juniors
Waist (Girls)2425.526.527.528.5303233
Waist (Boys)21.522.5232424.5252627

International Jeans Size Chart

International Jeans Size Chart for Men
In Inches - U.S.283032343638
In Inches - U.K.283032343638
In Inches - Europe384042444648

International Jeans Size Chart for Women
In Inches - Jeans25262728/2930/3132
In Inches - Hips31.53334.53637.539.5

While selecting the right pair of jeans a few things need to be kept in mind. The size will depend on the built of the person. In order to get the best fit, it is necessary to be measured only in the underwear. The person should know all his/her key measurements like the waist, hip, and thigh while shopping. Keeping in mind all these aspects and keeping the jeans size chart at hand, shopping becomes much more fun for all.