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4 Types of Jeans for Tall Women for that Extra Pep in Your Step

Jeans for Tall Women
Tall women have to face their own set of dilemmas when it comes to shopping for jeans as most of the jeans are made for women of average height. So what can a tall woman do to find a perfect pair of fitting jeans?
Pushpa Duddukuri
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
A tall woman is often subjected to envious glances, especially when those smoldering model legs are walking down a street in a short pretty skirt.

But you can't always leave your legs bare just because you hate to shop for pants or jeans. Jeans are not less than an enigma for these tall women. Every time they go shopping for a good pair of jeans, their dilemma increases tenfold unable to decide whether to buy an ill-fitting jeans or settle for jeans which barely touch the ankles. Hold on, we are here to solve this predicament for you.
Jeans for Long-legged Women
Bootcut Jeans
Woman standing in bootcut black jeans
A bootcut jeans is sexy, elegant and brimming with oomph. If you are simply tall, you can get these stylish pants with either a low-rise or mid-rise waist. Specifically see that the jeans you are trying on is slim in the hip and thigh area. If it isn't and there is a lot of cloth hanging, then just dump that jeans because that's not for you. Buying the best jeans requires patience. Nonetheless, you will get there with some store hopping and a lot of cloth trials.
Ankle-length Pencil Jeans
Woman in pencil jeans
You must be thinking, I just told you not to settle for ankle-length jeans and now I am going back on my words. However, these ankle grazing jeans have become a rage among the high-schoolers and social butterflies alike. An empire neck top with this jeans would just set the ramp or any road for that matter blazing. The best thing about these ankle-length skinny jeans is that you can flaunt your fabulous shoes unlike the other regular jeans. It would make you look all chic and slender and dressed to kill.
Ruched Jeans
A ruched jeans might be the answer to your prayers of looking hot and getting that jet-setting star style. A ruched look in garments have resurged in recent fashion trends. Ruches, especially near the ankle area gives a crumpled and feminine look to the jeans. Make the most of it while it's in fashion. If you ask me I would opt for a classic ruched ankle length jeans which would be both figure flattering and statement making, coupled with a sexy platform pumps.
Mid-rise Straight Leg Jeans
Attractive woman in jeans
If you are a tall woman with little more meat than those skinny models on the ramp, then the mid-rise straight leg jeans is the best jeans for you as these jeans can accentuate your curves. They render a clean and classy look for casual everyday wear. When you are browsing around in the shops, search for skinny jeans, that aren't too tight with a mid-rise waist which stays up when you are sitting down.
Tips for Buying Jeans
Woman trying jeans
If your heart is set on a jeans which falls short of your ankle, then you can fold the seams outwards to get a cropped jeans look. This type of jeans adds a relaxed vibe to your overall look. You can pair it with a flirty top and a sexy wedges. Try to avoid low-rise jeans if you have a long torso as it can give an elongated look to your upper body. Check out the comfort level of the jeans by sitting or squatting while shopping. Moreover, try out various sizes of different brands as each one follows its own measurements. Avoid stretchable material while buying jeans as it might give you a masculine look.

The main purpose of wearing jeans is to be comfortable. However, just don't settle for the comfort level. You can look like a million bucks and remain extremely comfy in a good pair of jeans. All you have to do is to find the right jeans. This may not seem easy to you at first, but once you figure out how and where to do all the shopping, you would be dying to buy your next pair.
A girl with extra lengthy legs who can walk an extra mile, has a lot of advantages over her counterparts as she is quite noticeable due to her height. Wearing tunics, empire neck tops, baby doll tops along with jeans can create a trendy and outgoing appearance. So, relax and pick up your wallet and dash to the nearest mall to go on a jeans buying spree.
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