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Tips for Making Inserts Comfortable for Shoes That are Too Big

Inserts for Shoes That are Too Big
Worried with your shoes being too loose and uncomfortable? This article gives you an idea about the inserts for shoes that are too big. Read on to know more.
Rohan Bhalerao
Last Updated: May 31, 2018
The other day, I purchased a pair of shoes online that I wanted badly ever since I saw them with one of my friend. This pair was quite costly, so I had saved money for two whole months just to buy it. When I finally got them, I dyed them from white to off-white. After all this, I decided to wear them at a friend's birthday party; you know how we always have this innate wish to show off anything new we have purchased. It is here that my celebrity mood waned off and I felt extremely uncomfortable wearing those shoes, as they were very loose from the toe end. I made calls to see if I can return that pair, but since I had already dyed them, it was of no use. I frantically searched for some of the best insoles to be put in so that it should at least feel comfortable.
It is comfort we should look at whenever we buy any new thing, such as clothes or shoes, but I was too concerned about the shoe-style and brand before buying. I am sure this sort of situation can arise before anyone of us. So, if you have purchased shoes in haste and found out later that they are bigger for your feet, you always have the option of either returning them. If that is not possible though, this article will put some light on the kind of inserts for shoes that are too big.
Inserts for Big Shoes
With big shoes, the discomfort can be felt in three ways; at the toe-end, at the heel-end with shoes coming off occasionally, and the inner part may be too big. This happens when you do not measure your feet size in the right way, or like me, you buy the shoes in haste as you simply want them. This leads to arch ache, foot pain, blisters, etc., thus straining your feet. Comfortable shoes are a must for work, running, or wherever else you use them. Here are some ways in which you can get rid of the discomfort using inserts for big shoes.
  • The simplest way can be to wear a thick pair of socks, or two socks with the thinner one inside and the thicker one outside. This will also provide a cushioning for your feet. Once you wear the shoes, you can put in balled-up socks wherever you feel the gap is creating problems. Also, any soft material, like fabric, foam, or tissue paper, will help to push your feet back from the toe end.
  • Another simple solution can be to wet your shoes if your shoes are made up of leather so that the leather expands to make the inner area smaller and help your feet to fit in perfectly. Avoid putting any solid insert, as it will keep bothering you after the initial fitting.
  • You can find heel inserts in the market to avoid your heels from slipping out of the shoes. Adhesive heel strips are also good to push your feet forward using the cushion in the heel end. These inserts are available with most of the shoe vendors, and the salesman at the store can help you a great deal in identifying the best heel insert. Heavenly Heelz, Foot Petals, Amazing Arches, etc., are some of the best inserts available.
  • Gel-type inserts are available, but according to many people, they are not comfortable enough. So, you can use cloth or suede heel liners. Suede is a special material known for its extra softness. Due to its textured nature and open pores, it provides an added advantage of preventing your feet from getting too sweaty.
  • There are many vendors selling insoles for oversized shoes. If your arch support itself goes under the whole foot, you will need insoles. Dr. Scholl's insoles have got numerous good reviews and they are available in varying sizes, for both men and women. Their "For Her" insoles are designed to protect the sensitive ball area of the foot. Select the best available product with a firmer gel to absorb shock and provide added support.
  • Different shoe-lace arrangements can immensely help for holding up your feet. Instead of crossing over horizontally from your second eyelets, thread the eyelets vertically, then cross over again for the last eyelet. If it helps, this can be a pretty easy technique to avoid your heels from slipping out of your shoes.
These were some of the easily usable inserts for oversized shoes. But, why to come to a point where you have to use an insert in the first place? You can carefully select the shoes while buying itself. All you need to do is measure your feet size properly. If there are size conversion issues, a shoe size conversion chart will help. Remember that inserts are the solutions to the problem, so it is better to nip the problem in the bud by getting the appropriate size in the first place.
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