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Hypoallergenic Jewelry

All About Hypoallergenic Jewelry That's Perfect for Sensitive Skin

Hypoallergenic jewelry is specifically meant for those who have an allergy of nickel. More on this type of jewelry in the paragraphs below.
Medha Godbole
Last Updated: Mar 7, 2018
Picture this! You have had a fabulous day. First a small party in the office and then at home. You got all the chances to flaunt your new jewelry. It was a day well spent with good fun and much-needed relaxation. The next day when you wake up, you see that you have an ugly rash around your neck. This rash may be because of the nickel present in the necklace you wore.
Instances of a rash on wearing such jewelry are increasing. Instead of treating the rash with possible remedies, it is better to prefer precaution. By this, I mean, it is better to use hypoallergenic jewelry―a type of jewelry that is made specially for people who have a sensitive skin. Let's read on in more detail.
What is Hypoallergenic Jewelry?
Basically, this type of jewelry is made sans the use of harmful alloys, nickel to be precise. It could be any other metal as well. Even if someone is allergic to a particular metal, this jewelry is the best bet. This type of jewelry is made of titanium, gold (10 to 14 karat), surgical steel, and sometimes, also niobium. The best part about niobium and titanium is that they never have a reaction with the chemical makeup of your skin. These metals are thus used as a coating. Platinum, too, is used to create such jewelry. In addition to this, pure copper (free from nickel) or nickel alloys are used. Jewelry that does not contain metal, and is made by using beads and threads is also said to be hypoallergenic.
Benefits of Using Hypoallergenic Jewelry
The best part about this type of jewelry is that you will not wake up with an ugly skin rash the next day. This jewelry is safe for prolonged wear; there would still not be any reaction. Sometimes, people develop tendencies of an allergy later on in life. Using hypoallergenic jewelry will ensure that you never have to deal with a rash, even in the future. Since this jewelry is made from a wide variety of metals, it does not compromise on quality of design.
General Precautions
  • Be it normal or hypoallergenic, avoid wearing jewelry at home. This will ensure that your skin is rarely exposed to metals.
  • Apply a clear nail polish to the area which is going to be exposed to jewelry. This is when you know you're sensitive to a particular piece of jewelry but have to wear it for some important reason.
  • As far as possible, do not go for cheap or oxidized jewelry.
  • While buying hypoallergenic jewelry, make sure it is marked accordingly, and that you are getting an authentic deal.
It is very important to take precautions while choosing jewelry, specially if you have a sensitive skin. But with the hypoallergenic type, you can rest assured that you're skin is exposed to only the safest of materials.
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