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How Women Can Stylishly Wear Brogues and Look Better Than Ever

How Women Can Stylishly Wear Brogues
Brogues? For women? What? Wipe that look of astonishment off your face, and get ready to meet the latest addition to must-have shoes in your wardrobe, and check out how you can wear them in style.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Feb 28, 2018
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The Name Tales
While some people maintain that the shoes get their name from the Old Irish word brĂ³g which translates to shoes, others believe that the name comes from the characteristic technique of perforation called broguing that creates the traditional, decorative pattern on the shoe.
Anyone who has browsed through the pages of fashion magazines will vouch for the fact that androgyny is big this winter. Apparently the girls just can't get enough of the boys! Well, at the least their clothes. As women, we have made clothes and shoes our very own little fiefdom, and each day (or season), we stake claim to another piece from the kingdom, previously known as menswear. So, after the very comfortable boyfriend jeans, the oh-so-luxe oversized sweatshirts, the Highlands-inspired plaid shirts, we have moved on to acquire brogues.

And boy, do we love our brogues. And why not? The shoes are sturdy. They keep our very-often-cold-mysteriously-so-at-times feet warm. They don't look half bad. And when worn well, (and we mean really well), they can put even the most stylish woman's shoes to shame. So, if conventional wisdom (read: your mom/aunt/grandmom) told you that brogues are just for the boys, show them this little Fashionhance article. We are here to tell you how you can wear these shoes stylishly and probably make them one of the most versatile pair of shoes in your wardrobe.
One Brogue, Five Ways
The currently-trending obsession with brogues isn't a very new one. The shoes have been peeking out of women's closets for at least a couple of seasons now. But lately, the trend has become more widespread and popular, as more and more women step out of their comfort zone and try on menswear-inspired trends with panache.
If you are still unsure of how to wear these shoes without looking like a two-year-old trying on her father's shoes and playing dress-up, then here's all the visual inspiration you need. We have also taken up the challenge of using the same pair of brogues and given you five different interpretations of it.
Brogues with jeans
Want a fuss-free look? Channel your inner nerd with a button-down shirt, cuffed jeans, envelope clutch, spectacles, and obviously the brogues.
Brogues with shorts
Brogues make everything comfortable, yet chic. Don't think that's true? Just try them with a pair of shorts and a slightly loose T-shirt. The compliments will have you believe us.
Brogues with trousers
Did you think brogues worked only casually? We prove you wrong with this perfect-for-work look; feminine, serious, and smart, it's perfect for a Friday meeting.
Brogues with dress
A music concert or a Sunday shopping trip with the girls demands that you look gorgeous and remain comfortable. What better than a pair of brogues teamed with a cute dress.
Brogues with skirt
For those who are ready to take a bit of risk, you can make these shoes work for a night of partying as well. Just throw in the right amount of glitz, and it is sure to floor anyone.
For most women almost pleading for a suitable replacement for ballet flats, brogues are the answer to all their prayers. Having said that, while versatile, you can go very wrong with brogues if not worn appropriately. To avoid that distasteful experiences, always pick shoes that are not chunky. Ensure that your outfit has enough feminine elements to make the look work on a whole. You don't want to come off as someone trying to look like a man. Flashing some ankle while wearing these shoes is a good idea as it gives a sense of balance and proportion.

Most Fall/Winter 2013 runways including Stella McCartney and Dior featured menswear-inspired trends prominently. You want to look like Alexa Chung! Brogues are one way of getting that look in your wardrobe without it becoming too masculine to handle.