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How to Look Stylish Wearing Skinny Jeans

Mamta Mule Apr 17, 2019
Wondering how to wear a skinny jeans? Which footwear to pair with a skinny jeans? Here are answers to your common questions about this trendy piece of clothing.
While you flip the pages of a famous fashion magazine, you might dream of yourself looking stunning just like the models who have posed for this issue. Coming out of the dreams and looking at the mirror you might decide to opt for a skinny jeans to have that sexy look.
After wearing the jeans, it might happen that you are not satisfied with the look or you just didn't opt for one because you don't have the slender and tall legs. There are many other misconceptions about these jeans, like only tall girls with slender frames must opt for it and that these jeans will instantly give you a stylish and stunning look.
While this is true up to some extent, it further depends on the footwear you pair it with. You can find a perfect piece according to your figure and problem areas, all you need to know is the right colors for your figure. So here are some tips that will give you a complete and stylish appearance.

Opt for a Perfect Fit

The most essential thing to consider while you wear a skinny jeans is its fitting. A perfect fit is what makes a pair of skinny jeans look the best. Fitting of the skinny jeans can make or break your look.
Remember that do not opt for a too small size. While a perfect fit and a size bit larger works well, a smaller size never looks fine. So the right size is one of the main factors that determine how a skinny jeans will look on you.

Choose the Right Footwear

One of the perfect ways of wearing a skinny jeans is to pair it with knee-high boots. The style of this jeans makes it amazingly easy to tuck into these boots. You can opt for box heels or pencil heels in these knee-high boots.
Another way to wear a skinny jeans is with the ankle boots. High-heeled or medium-heeled boots both look classy with a skinny jeans. Caged sandals with high heels is another way to pair your skinny jeans with.
If you are very tall and slim you can also look at flats. These give a stylish and elegant look. Ballet shoes will give an extremely girlie look, and is a cute way to wear jeans.
Also sneakers look good with them. This comfortable and casual footwear goes well with a fashionable skinny jeans. Pointed toe pumps is also a perfect look.

Options for Correcting Figure

If you have heavy thighs then you may opt for dark wash in black or indigo blue. Pair it with a long tunic top and a belt at the waist. People who are heavy from bottom, may also pair it with a long tunic, up to the butt. It is a trick to look the best.
In case you have thick calves, opt for a skinny jeans and just tuck it into knee-high boots. There is a huge variety in wide-calf boots for women, from which you can choose one. Well, short girls may opt for a jeans which fits well till the knees, and pair it with high heels.
The tricks mentioned earlier will help you deal with the problem areas of your figure and will look great. So just go and find the most stylish piece of women's clothing, a skinny jeans and try it on.