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How to Wear a Pocket Watch

How to Wear a Pocket Watch
Nothing speaks of style like a pocket watch does. If you want to be counted among the selected stylish few, then don a pocket watch today. Read on to find out how to wear a pocket watch.
Rujuta Borkar
Are you among those who are considered stylish? Is your personal style 'sigh-inducing' and leads to feelings of envy among others? Well, then how would you like to take your style quotient in fashion to an all new level? The perfect way to glam up your style instantly is to wear a pocket watch. Contrary to popular belief, it is not an archaic and quaint fashion statement, but continues to exhume a sense of charm, elegance, and unparalleled style to this day.
If you are a believer in wearing stylish wrist watches and never leave your home without wearing one, then you might want to consider including pocket watches in your wardrobe or completely switching over to them.
In the earlier times, pocket watches were worn by people who were rich. It was an indication of the amount of wealth a person had. That trend continues to this day. It takes a lot to be able to carry a pocket watch with great elan and panache and that is why, learning how to wear one in the correct manner becomes important. If not worn correctly, it can lend to a disheveled and 'out of place' look to the most elegant of clothes. In order to save yourself from that fate, learn the right way of wearing a pocket watch in the consecutive paragraphs.
Choose the Perfect Watch
  1. Choose a watch that complements your personal style and the latest fashion trends.
  2. The metal you choose becomes extremely important. Go in for a silver watch that has a silver metal chain attached to it. Sometimes, people choose a watch of one metal and the chain of another. This has a very jarring effect.
  3. A silver watch is the preferred choice because it goes with everything. Gold on the other hand, does not necessarily suit all styles of clothing.
Wearing a Pocket Watch with a Suit
A suit is the sheer personification of style. It can glamorize your entire appearance instantly and make you seem like a demi-god. Team your suit with a pocket watch and you'll literally have people looking over their shoulders. It can lend you that something extra and make you stand miles apart in the dull sea of suits. But, learning the correct way of wearing a pocket watch on a suit is important. Though you can't really go wrong with the combination of a pocket watch and suit, we will show you the right way of doing it.
  • Choose your watch and chain carefully.
  • Go in for a fob chain (a style that originated from the Victorian era) or any other chain style.
  • Your watch will be attached to the end of this fob chain.
  • Attach this chain by clipping it to the button hole of your vest or suit.
  • When not in use, the pocket watch will be placed in the trouser pocket or the pocket of the vest (facing you).
  • The only thing that should be visible is the fob chain.
  • The end of the fob chain can be decorated according to your personal style. Either with a pin or a shiny bob.
  • Make sure that there isn't anything in the pockets that can scratch the metal of the watch.
  • Chains come in several varieties, some of these are―belt clip chains, t-bar chains, vest chains, and button hole chains.
  • One can also use a belt clip chain and attach the chain to a belt, taking it over the length of the belt and placing the watch in the pocket.
Wearing a Pocket Watch With Jeans
A suit is not the only apparel that one can combine a pocket watch with. Jeans as a clothing has emerged not only as a casual form, but is also combined with certain kinds of clothing to achieve a semi-formal look. This look is the perfect choice for when one wants to look neither too casual nor too formal. That is the reason why we find people combine jeans with formal blouses or vests. It brings about a very unique style. In carrying on with the same tradition, one can add oodles to their style by donning a stylish pocket watch with their regular pair of jeans. It does not necessarily have to be a semi-formal look that one is aiming for, but could very well only be a completely casual look and the pocket watch would still match. That is the power of the pocket watch. If worn right, it can do wonders.
  • The first step is to choose a good watch. These days there are several fashionable watches that are available in the market. Go in for one that will complement and add to your personal style.
  • Again, keep in mind that the chain and watch are made of the same metal for that classy effect.
  • Use one of the several types of chains and attach the watch to it.
  • Attach the chain with a fashionable bob or pin and then to the belt or the button hole (according to your preference).
  • Then place the watch either in the jeans pocket or the vest pocket.
  • The watch should be placed facing the body so that when you remove it out, it faces you and you can easily handle it.
  • The other option is that of the fifth pocket that is placed in the upper portion of the front pockets of your jeans. This pocket will be much smaller compared to the other pockets but makes for a perfect cover for your watch.
  • One can also attach the chain to the belt and let the watch hang loose. But to do this, one has to make sure that the watch does not collide with anything else. Therefore, the chain should be very small so that it does not dangle dangerously from the sides.
Pocket Watches for Women
The pocket watch is not a style that is limited to men. A woman can team a pocket watch with her clothes just as easily. When wearing a skirt, the pocket watch chain can be added as a layer with the belt or can be used as a chain and dangled down her front as a necklace. Or in the same way as men do―with a vest or chain. Why limit yourself? Use your own ingenious ways of styling your clothes with pocket watches. Whichever style you adopt, the pocket watch is sure to add a sexy touch to the clothing.
Now that you know the different styles of how to wear a pocket watch, go out there, buy yourself one, and see your style sky rocket. You'll thank us for your sudden elevated status.
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