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How to Wear Over-the-Knee Boots

How to Wear Well-fitted Over-the-Knee Boots in Style

It is the latest fashion trend to capture your imagination for sure but how does one wear over-the-knee boots? That is a question that is swirling around in everyone's minds. In this article, we tell you how to be on the right side of the line between street style and street walker.
Tulika Nair
Last Updated: Sep 25, 2017
Lindsay Lohan, Jennifer Lopez, Katie Price, Kate Hudson, you name the who's who of the fashion and entertainment world and they have been caught flaunting the latest darling of the shoes world - over-the-knee boots. These boots are gorgeous and can transform a simple, girl-next-door look. But this look can also go completely wrong if you make the wrong choice.
Wearing over-the-knee boots is all well, but you need to know that this a look that cannot be pulled off by everyone. You need to have the confidence and allure to be able to pull off a walk in over-the-knee boots. But don't let this little statuary warning discourage you. If you are slave to fashion (and who isn't), there are ways that you can make these boots work wonders for your look.
Wearing Thigh-high Boots in Style
Can you wear these boots if you are petite and if you're short? While it is true that wearing over-the-knee boots can be slightly risque for women of shorter stature, there is nothing that actually prohibits them from doing so. All you need to do is wear these boots with the proper ensemble. In this article we answer all these queries and give you the best looks that you can flaunt your boots with.
One of the best clothing items to wear with a pair of boots is a dress. The optimum length of the dress should be such that it falls just one to three inches above the boots. Avoid the tarty look by not wearing any dress that is too short or too revealing. If you are short, then it may be a good idea to team the dress with tights, leggings, or stockings in a color that complements the boots. This will make your legs seem longer.
It is important that there in no visual break so that you look taller than you are. For someone who is short it maybe a good idea to wear over-the-knee boots that are either flat or have wedge heels. Leave the tall stilettos to your taller counterparts. A taller woman can also opt to wear a longer dress that covers the top of the knee-high boots for women. It can be a great semi-hippie look.
Also try the tunic and boyfriend jacket look. This helps create a silhouette that is long and lean. Wear a tunic style dress and top it with a boyfriend jacket that hangs slightly longer than the tunic. Now you could opt to wear a belt over the jacket and create that much-adored hourglass shape or keep the look loose and menswear inspired.
Wear your boots and you should be good to go for a night around town. You could wear leggings with the tunic. Another great option to try out is a pair of skinny jeans. This will keep your look sleek and great. Many women opt to buy stretch boots but do this only if you have well toned shapely legs. Otherwise there is a huge chance that they will cling at all the wrong places.
If your workplace does not demand for you to dress formally all the time, and casual is completely acceptable, then you could try any of the looks above. These are great ways to make over-the-knee boots work. One look you can rock is to wear the boots with leggings and a loose cardigan or sweater. This can make the overall look of the outfit conservative. You could also opt to wear them with plaid shorts, stockings and loose sweater cinched at the waist.
There are some things that you definitely need to avoid if you are planning wear over-the-knee boots. These include frills, micro-minis, and ruffles. If you want to wear these boots, then you need to keep the look aesthetically pleasing and casual. You are aiming for a Wow after all.