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How to Wear Elegant Knee-high Boots Like a Pro

Learning how to wear knee-high boots is a cake-walk. This article could be of help to you...
Veethi Telang
Last Updated: Mar 6, 2018
I was a teen when I watched Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman. Pretty she was, and phenomenal was her footwear - her high, high boots in the very first scene were jaw-dropping. However, looking at her body, her legs, and her torso, made me anxious. I wasn't too sure about how to wear boots with that elegance - in a way that leaves the crowd doddering wherever I go. In a way that guys, after long hours of muttering and blabbering, go absolutely mum when I pass by. Some ambiguities brimming women's boots need to be cleared today. a) Can short people wear knee-high boots? b) How to wear them to work? c) Where to find a good pair? Difficulties in wearing knee-high boots is overrated. I know not why, but I sure know that out of the many ways to don 'em boots, the one that's my favorite would be donning these knee-high boots with a short black leather dress, black nail paint, smokey makeup, and disheveled hair. If that doesn't steal words of admiration out from people's mouth, I don't know what does.
Wearing Knee-high Boots With Everything
You may have legs long enough to go along with any pair of boots. However, the shaft-width is what most women malfunction with. A shaft too wide or too narrow is bound to make you uncomfortable, and lady, that will show in your walk. However, for women who are slightly beyond the parameters of size-zero, wide calf knee-high boots may serve the purpose quite well. All in all, the best way to put on a pair of knee-high boots is to keep the shaft wide enough to be appropriate for your legs. Knee-high boots look extremely sassy when donned with a skirt. Well, you may need a pair of stockings to wear along with it. However, if you're one of those lucky lassies who have oh-so-perfectly-toned legs, chuck those stockings!
Remember, your knee-high boots will look good with skirts that are knee-length, or above. Skirts that are way too long do not go well with knee-high boots - how would you flaunt your boots that way, lady? For women who're much too concerned about their formal wear, knee-high boots rank high on their list of attires. You can wear them to work too, without caring about the casualness they offer, as to your surprise, this is just a myth!
Wearing knee-high boots with dresses solves most of the fashion issues for girls. Dresses that are way too sexy, flaunt your body, and add that tag of 'sensuality' to your overall look are one thing that knee-high boots look the best with. One dress is the black short leather dress discussed right in the beginning, another one would be a sweater dress; a must-have this winter. A dress that reaches up to the knee can be an amazing pick to pair up with your knee-high boots. Other than that, I've seen a number of teeny-weeny females wearing denim shorts and a tank top, donning those knee-high boots. However, females, you need to make sure you're not even an inch plumper!
Should you want to don knee-high boots with a pair of jeans, I would say, if only you have a tall built, go wear them! Whether it is a casual outing with your girlfriends, or whether it is a dinner party... boots are blessed with the knack to make you look good! A crisp white shirt, a brown vest, royal blue jeans, and those much-envied knee-high boots... whoa, woman! Do you even realize how sexy you're gonna look?
There's nothing much about finding out the various ways to wear knee-high boots. One just needs to know when to wear them, and which would be the best outfit to accompany them. Personally speaking, boots is something that can be worn with even a casual tank top and a jeans, and has the capability of transforming the overall look, making you look extremely sexy! Ah, a pair of knee-high boots are such a must-have shoe for every woman. If you don't have one yet, you're missing something extremely crucial in your life!